Welcome to the Blaenau Tywi History website.  This website will hopefully assist research and provide information about the history, the life, the work and the community in this area.  It supports the work already done on the book “Blaenau Tywi, Enwau yn y tirwedd – Names in the landscape”.

The bulk of the information on the site was collected by the History Group through interviews, on site visits to the farms and through research at various institutions.

We are very keen to continue expanding this on-line archive with new information on the Upper Tywi valley. If you have additional information and wish to add it to our collection, please use the Contact page to let us know – we can then arrange to include it in the site.

If on the other hand you feel that there is an error in the completed work, please contact us using the Contact page and we will correct our information.

We are grateful to the Cilycwm Community Association for hosting this website.