Capel y Groes

Capel y Groes Houses and Gardens (Heol Groes)

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The houses and gardens on Heol Groes (Crossroad) in the tithe were owned by the Glansevin estate and were rented by Thomas Lewis who was a weaver,  are probably where Capel y Groes the ‘Pink chapel’ is today. It is possible that the chapel house or vestry is on the site of the ‘houses’ in the tithe and the chapel itself is on the old garden. Capel y Groes itself was not built until the 1850’s.


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Name of Recorder: Sara Fox
Parish: Cil-y-cwm/Llanfair-ar-ybryn Cilycwm
Current Name of Farm/Dwelling Site of Capel y Groes and Henwen Dicks garden
Name of Farm/Dwelling on Tithe Map 123 Houses and Gardens Houses and Gardens (Heol groes)
Landowners (Tithe)  118 E.P.Lloyd
Occupiers (Tithe)  Thomas Lewis