Cil-du (also known as Tynewydd) Black nook/corner

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Cil-du is now a ruin situated in a beautiful spot on a bend in the road in between Galltybere and Maesmeddygon not far from where the Tywi and the Doethie rivers meet at ‘Junction Pool’.

Tyr Kuldy is mentioned in a grant of land in 1553, becoming Tyr Killduy (1629) and Tir Kulduy (1651 & 1692). 1   In the Cambell rental for the year ended Michaelmas 1750  “Kil ddu” was rented by Mr Thomas for £1; and in the Cawdor Survey of 1803 Kilddu was tenanted by Thomas Jenkin for £4 1s. 2 In the tithe of 1839 Kildu was a twenty-one acre holding and was still part of the Cawdor estate, Ebenezer Thomas was the tenant.

Cil-du has more recently been known as Tynewydd. The living arrangements have been described thus: there were no windows, the only light came from the door. There was an earthen floor lower than the surrounding walls. It had a zinc roof with the old bracken thatch still underneath. There were two rooms, one for cattle, with hay stored above them. In the living area there was a stone bench under one wall, and a corner wall oven and there were rocks outside for sitting on.

There is a large standing stone adjacent to the house and a rare slate fence that has been badly damaged over recent years.


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Slate Fence

cildu2Large standing stone