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Cwmbranganol belonged E.P. Lloyd in the tithe in 1843 and John Williams was the tenant of this farm of 209 acres. By 1872 the Glansevin Estate is selling Cwmfrân-ganol amongst other properties in the area to William Davys Harries Campbell Davys of Neuaddfawr, esq. 1 In 1881 William Edwards of Cwmfranganol, parish of Cilycwm, co. Carmarthen, farmer and Ruhama Edwards his wife and John Edwards their eldest son sold Penrhiwcarne fach otherwise Plasbach to Richard Campbell Davys of Neuaddfawr, esq.2

In 1895 in The Royal Commission on Land Daniel Davies tenant farmer Llwynowen Cil-y-cwm gave evidence, he was called and examined through an interpreter. When asked about the condition of buildings in the area he replied that,

‘the buildings are in a shocking state, among others I could name Bryn, Polly, Bedw, Blaenycwm, Nant twrch, Cwmfranganol and Erwdoni are in a very bad condition, no partitions upstairs in some of them, and in all of them there are great deficiencies.’ 3

Cwmfrân-ganol was owned by Daniel Williams followed by Seth and Rachel Lewis in 1957, Ann Theophilus inherited it from them and most of the land is now part of Rhiwmallaen.

There was a Cwmfranganol ucha further up the valley. 


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Bethan Crouch