Cwrtnewydd (New enclosure)

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Cwrtnewydd was a 30 acre holding in the tithe of 1843, the dwelling was on the left hand side of the entrance to Cwmcroiddyr’s lane and has now disappeared.

In the 1851 census, in Cwrtnewydd there was a Mary Lewis aged 69; her occupation a, ‘stocking knitter’.

On or near Cwrtnewydd was a cottage called Bryn-teg although disappeared by 1841 it was remembered as being the home of Thomas Elias – Y Bardd Coch, possibly the author of one of the most famous Welsh folk songs, “Dacw nghariad i lawr yn y berllan”.

There’s the oak with spreading branches,

How its beauty fill me with awe!

There I shall wait in its cool shade

Until my true love comes to me.

There the harp stands, there are its strings;

But what use, when nobody plays?

There’s my lovely, lively fair one;

How can I win her affection?

Also, Bryn-teg was the first place in Carmarthenshire where a Sunday school was held.

The name Bryn-teg lingered long in the local consciousness as the following report from the Cardiff Times shows in 1887,

‘CILYCWM SHEEP DOG TRIALS.—Sheep dog trials took place in Brynteg-field, near Cilycwm, on Friday. The weather was glorious, and the attendance of persons was very large, several hundreds witnessed the contests. The entries in the two classes were numerous, and I the competitions were very keen and interesting. To the secretary great credit is due for his excellent arrangement, and the judges also deserve a word of praise for the impartial way in which they gave their decisions. They were Mr. Hepe, Abergwessin, Mr. William Jones, Ystradffin, and Mr. Williams, Cwm- twrch; secretary, Mr. J.R. Lewis, Erryd. Results: Champion class: 1, Mr. Wm. Hughes, Bolblisca: 2, Mr; Thos. Jones, Dolachddu. Local class: 1 and 2, divided between Mr. Jones, Dolachddu, and Mr. J. Harries, Pantcoy; 3 and 4, divided between Mr. J. Harries, Cwmerchan, and Mr. Thos. Jones j Ystradffin.’

An interesting occupant of Cwrtnewydd was Mary Rees, she lived till 102 dying in 1889,

‘Residing at Cwrtnewydd, near Cily- cwm, Llandovery, is an old lady named Mary Rees, better known locally as “Yr hen Bali dduwiol o’r Caban (“The godly old Polly of the Cabin “). She has passed her first century, and is facing her second with remarkable spright- liness. She was in the habit, until within the last few weeks, of walking a considerable distance every Sunday to attend divine service. She busies herself with spinning and knitting, and is a model of industry. Her reminiscences of her youthful days are highly interesting, as she had come into personal contact with many of the old class of Welsh preacher*, of whom Williams, Llanwrtyd, was one of the last. She was nearly 40 years of age when her religious convictions were awakened under a sermon preached at Nantllwyd, a dwelling-house between Cilycwm and Tregaron, by the Rev. Ebenezer Richard, the father of the now patriarcbial Welsh reformer, Henry Richard, M.P. She delights to-day in repeating the text and heads of that never-to-be-forgotten sermon. The text was Let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as ye have for He hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.’ 1

The census of 1891 shows the last known resident, a Henry Morgans who was 64.


1. 11/9/1893 South Wales Daily POST

2. Cardiff Times 29/12/1887

Ann Theophilus

Current name of farm / dwelling: Cwrtnewydd Parish: Cil-y-cwm 
Name of Recorder: Dafydd Tomos Respondent(s): Anne Theophilus
Name of farm / dwelling on Tithe Map:
Name of farm / dwelling on Tithe Schedule: Cwrtnewydd
Landowners:(Tithe Schedule) William Davys Harries
Occupiers:(Tithe Schedule) David Hughes
Ref. No:(Tithe Schedule ) 147
Area in statute measure:(Tithe Schedule) 30.0.7
Land Charges R.A.D.(Cil-y-cwm) £2.5.0
Interesting history / folklore associated with farm / dwelling Mary Rees, better known locally as “Yr hen Bali dduwiol o’r Caban (“The godly old Polly of the Cabin “) lived till 102 and died in 1889.There is another dwelling here called Brynteg (not on tithe).They used to play cricket in cae Brynteg circa 1980’s.
Interesting family history Census 1851 – John Jones aged 37;  1861 – Mary Price aged 80;  1871, 1881 – Rees Davies; 1891 – Henry Morgans aged 64 (last known resident).
Other information not listed above [The last nine fields and four cottages were part of the first property when released in No. 154 of 22 May 1782   –    from deeds
Field Number on Tithe Map Field Name on Tithe List Field Name on Estate Map Field Name from other – list source Current Field Name Comments
Cae Brynteg
Waun Brynteg
Caeau Cwrtnewydd
From deeds  possibly ???
Cae coch
Cae mawr

From  NLW website Estate Records


15809     1812, Dec. 2-3

……Cwmcroyddin, a slang, parcel of the said property, lying open to a field belonging to Glancroyddin and held therewith, a messuage and three fields called Brynteg, and six fields called Courtnewydd with four cottages 

thereon, parish of Kilycwm, co. Carmarthen, to uses. [The last nine fields and four cottages were part of the first property when released in No. 154 of 22 May 1782]……….


1782, May 21-2

…….and of two fields called Cae coch and Cae mawr, formerly part of the adjoining tenement called Cwmgwenles.