Ddôlstylcau (meaning uncertain)

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A field now known as “The Dolau”, which was once part of Ty’nddôl, is where the homestead of Dôlstylcau, now a ruin, once stood.

Ifor Williams Galltybere said sheepdog trials were once held on the land, but the river was an obstacle, and the trials were then held on Bron-y-cwrt.

Martin Humphrey wonders if Ty’nddôl land could be alias “Ynys Tulkid alias Tulkie” mentioned in the 1553 sale of the manor of Nantbai  “Ynys” could refer to what, effectively, is a large stone bank in the river which could have had the river flowing on both sides in earlier times.  The RSPB now owns the site and garden of Ty’nddôl and the farmland is owned by Galltybere.

When we consider the earliest reference, “Ynys Tulkid alias Tulkie”, the element “stylcau” could be “tylcau” or “tylciau” (pigsties or hovels), plus the initial ‘s’ borrowed from “ynys”.   However this is pure speculation. 


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