Efail Fach

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Efail Fach was the birthplace of Morgan Rhys, a famous hymnist and teacher during the Methodist revival in the 18th Century. He joined the Methodist reformers in Cilycwm. He was one of the most popular teachers at the schools of Gruffydd Jones and Madame Bevan between 1757 and 1775,

‘His hymns are characterized by profound spiritual experience, and he always gives a prominent place to the person of Christ. Examples of his work are to be found in every collection of Welsh hymns.’ 1

He is best remembered as a hymnist, his hymns were published in Golwg o Ben Nebo. Two of his well known hymns are Beth sydd i mi yn y byd and Fe welir Seion fel y wawr. He was buried at Llanfynydd churchyard where a monument was raised in his memory. A commemorative stone was set in what is left of the cottage wall in the1980’s.

In the tithe Efelfach was owned by John Jones and occupied by John Davies. There were 24 acres with the property and the tithes were £1.12.6.

In the census of 1841 William Jones aged 60 was living there; in 1851 and 1861 John Davies; in 1871, David Davies aged 30; and from 1881, to 1901, David Williams.

When the last family left the cottage in the 1950’s, part of the exterior wall fell down due to the dresser being moved, this solid piece of furniture was holding the wall up!


1. Welsh Biography online – http://wbo.llgc.org.uk/en/s-RHYS-MOR-1716.html

Current name of farm / dwelling: Efail fach Parish: Cil-y-cwm
Name of Recorder: Dafydd Tomos Respondent(s):
Name of farm / dwelling on Tithe Map: Efelfach
Name of farm / dwelling on Tithe Schedule: Efelfach
Landowners:(Tithe Schedule) John Jones
Occupiers:(Tithe Schedule) John Davies
Ref. No:(Tithe Schedule ) 143
Area in statute measure:(Tithe Schedule) 24.3.30
Land Charges R.A.D. (Cilycwm) £1.12.6
Interesting history / folklore associated with farm / dwelling When the last family left the cottage circa 1930??, part of the exterior wall fell down due to one of the furniture (which was being moved)  was holding the wall up!
Interesting family history Census 1841 – William Jones aged 60; 1851, 1861 – John Davies; 1871 – David Davies aged 30; 1881 , 1891,1901 – David Williams.  The last family left the cottage (Mrs Davies, Derw House, circa 1950).  Mrs Davies, Derw House is well remembered by many.  Before the arrival of a school bus shelter, she would allow the schoolchildren to shelter in her hallway and doorway (if the weather was unfavourable) before travelling on to Llandovery.
Association with a well-known person Birthplace of Morgan Rhys – a famous hymnwriter and teacher during Methodist revival in the 18th Century.
Association with a noteworthy event There was an official opening for the Commerative stone – there is a picture of the unveiling – I think??
Features with names (e.g. streams, pools, wells, bridges, crags, slopes, woods, orchards, gardens, etc.) Stream – no name??