New House

New House / Ty Newydd (Cilycwm village)

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This is the last ‘old’ house in the north end of the village on the west side of the road it was bought from the Glansevin estate by Campbell –Davys in 1872. It is a semi-detached property and was lived in by Thomas Theophilus, Blacksmith, wife and family in the 1871 census. 1 His granddaughter Dorrie Theophilus lived there until her recent death in 2007. Dorrie was the last inhabitant of Cilycwm to walk her cows to pasture through the village.

1. Edna Dale Jones. Cilycwm a Village and its Squire. People, Property, Development. The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. 1994.

Name of Recorder: Sara Fox
Parish: Cil-y-cwm/Llanfair-ar-ybryn Cilycwm
Current Name of Farm/Dwelling New House
Name of Farm/Dwelling on Tithe Map 107 House and Garden [Cil-y-cwm Village] (New House)
Landowners (Tithe) e.p. lloyd
Occupiers (Tithe) William Thomas
Ref. No. (Tithe) 107
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Dorrie Theophilus, her mother and sister Alice.