Pen-y-banc-isaf (Lower Pen-y-banc)

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Penybank Issaa holding of 48 acres, was owned by Elizabeth Bishop in the tithe and David Jones was her tenant.

After the Second World War, a Polish family moved to live in Pen-y-banc-isaf.   They only stayed there for a short period, but due to lack of work they moved on towards a town in the Midlands.  In years to come, the young wife Krystyna Kawecka would write a book on her much travelled life called, “Journey without a ticket”.  It covers her life as a young child in Poland, through war torn Europe, Russia and Africa before trying to settle down to family life in post war Britain.  Her stay in Pen-y-banc-isaf was brief but she did come back in 1990 to rekindle memories. 

“I looked at it through a veil of tears because I loved that little hilly farm Penybank Isaf on the Welsh land.  It had been a settled home for my family and myself for the past two years, after long years of constant movement.  With heavy hearts we had to leave it behind and start rolling again, but to where?”

`David Jones stayed at Penybank Issa  from 1841 to 1861 and from 1871 to 1911 and until the1950’s, William, Mary and David Thomas and family. 

It is thought that John McCarthy stayed here to recover following his release from Beirut around 1991.

The hilly road up to Penybank Issa is known as “Rhiw Dderwen Fawr”.


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Gwenno & John Lewis