Tirbanal (‘tir banadl’ broom land)

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The Earl of Cawdor was the owner of Tirbanal Land and Thomas James was the tenant of the 11 acre holding in the 1843 tithe. The most interesting thing about Tirbanal is not that there are two of them in the parish of Cil-y-cwm, but that this one is actually on the eastern bank of the Tywi, strictly speaking it ought to be in the parish of Llanfair-ar-y-bryn. However Tirbanal along with some fields belonging to Pwllpriddog and Dinas-bach that run along the Tywi on the Rhandir-mwyn side are all part of the parish of Cil-y-cwm, perhaps the only record of when the river flowed on a different course through the valley bottom.

Tir-banal was still occupied in the 1880’s according to the OS map and a footpath running from it below Salem Chapel to Maes-cae-rhyg is still in use although there is no trace now of either of these former dwellings.