Trebannau  (‘homestead of peaks’, tref, bannau)

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In his will of 1678 Muckleston Allin makes his ‘dearly beloved’ wife Magdalen the one of the executors. 1

In 1690 Magdalen Allin, ‘widow’ makes over the Trebannau estate to her son Muckleston, ‘GRANT of the messuage and lands called Tyr kil y posterne alias Tyr kil y poste, the closes called Kevin ycha, Kevin kenol, and Yskithryw ycha, the messuage and lands called Tyr pen y rhyw, the closes called Kevin ysha, Yskithryw issa, and Gwayne kennol, being part of the capital messuage and lands called Trebanne, and also Trebanne aforesaid, parish of Kilycombe.’ 2 Magdalen dies in 1704.

In 1690 Muckleston Allin of Trebanne, his brothers John and Henry and their sister Elizabeth sell ‘the messuages and lands called Tyr-Rhyw-Mallaen, Tyr Bulch y Trebanne’ 3

Mary Anne Phillips was the owner of ‘Trebanne’ along with Cefnberth, Cefnbyarthau, and Esgerafall in the tithe, she was the widow of John Lloyd, of Brunant,  Caio. William Morgan was the tenant of Trebannau and its 95 acres.

In 1909 the Trebanau estate which was composed of Trebannau, Cefn-berth, Cefnbyarthau and Esgrafell is sold. The sales particulars describe Trebannau as, ‘well-cultivated pasture, arable and meadow lands, in good heart and condition. Rent £72.10.0d yearly tenancy.  The buildings which are stone built and slated are in an excellent state of repair comprise dwelling house, (with an enclosed flower garden in front) containing kitchen, back kitchen, Farm outer kitchen, parlour and dairy and three bedrooms. The Outhouses consist of stable with three stalls and loft over, chaff-room, cart-house, fowl-house, two pigsties, cow house with 19 cow ties, and two food walks, and two calf cribs, double barn, and store-house. The homestead is well enclosed by the buildings and very conveniently placed for the cultivation of the farm.’ The tithes in 1908 were £5.10.1d which is less than they were in the tithe of 1843!

Interesting field names:

Y Parciau issaf the lower parks

Y Parciau uchaf the upper parks

Cae-o-war-y-neuadd Field above the mansion


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