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Troed-rhiw was in Llanfair-ar-y-bryn in 1829 1, but in the tithe and in 1896 2 was in the parish of Llandingat. Troed-rhiw was originally known as Penrhiw Fach later on becoming Troedrhiw Isa and Troedrhiw Ucha.  It is recorded as having 43 acres.

In the census of 1851 William Saunders aged 33 was living here; by 1871, John Davies, in 1891, David Davies in Troedrhiw Isaf, and in 1901, Lewis Williams aged 49 was resident in Troedrhiw Uchaf. From the1851 census, cottages on this land included Tyrissa, Blaenwaun, Tairheol (7 in all) including Towy Cottage.

Cae yr digon (Cae’r digon) field of plenty

Cae’r ydlan Rickyard field

Cae clovers bach Little clovers field


1. D T M Jones (4) 2723 1896, Dec. 22 (NLW)

2. D T M Jones (4) 2561 1829, March 23 PROBATE of the will of Peter Jenkins, late of Penrhiw (NLW)

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