BwthynTroed-rhiw-fer/ Troed-rhiw-fer Cottage (Foot of the short hill)

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The Cawdor Survey of 1732 lists “Nant Yonos & Troedrhiwfer” rented by Henry Rowland & William Morgan and valued at £2.10s and let at £2.5s.1  In 1777  the tenant was Thomas Morgan who paid a rent of £2.10s.2 In the Cawdor Survey of 1803 from Michaelmas 1802 to Michaelmas 1803,  Troedrhiwfer is tenanted by Evan Rees Evans for £2.11s. In the tithe Thomas Morgan was the tenant who was also at the same time, renting Nantyronnen House and Land as well as Troed-rhiw-fer. The tithes were three pounds and six pence for Troed-rhiw-fer and Nantyronnen combined.

The following reference to the dwelling was found at The Royal Commission’s offices in Aberystwyth,

“Troed-Rhiw-For …..small pair of cottages.  Derelict.  Slate rubble in clay mortar.  Cut into rock at rear.  Deep recess for fireplace in middle wall.  May have had a wickerwork hood.”

Field names of interest:

Cae Bach/Beech (Small field)

Cae Cwm Nant (Field of the Valley of the Stream)

Cae Bedw (Birch Field)


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