Troedrhiw-mes (Foot of the acorns hill)

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In the tithe ‘Troedrhuemes’ was owned by Thomas Harries and the occupier of the 18 acre holding was Rees Jones. In a marriage settlement of 1829, between William Williams, yeoman of Conwil Cayo and Elinor John of Llansadwrn, she brought ‘Troedrhiwmes and the fields held therewith’ with her on the marriage. 1

In the census of 1841 John Davies is the occupant; 1861 it is Sarah Evans; 1871, John Davies aged 67; 1881 Sarah Davies aged 57; in1891 and 1901 Thomas Jones aged 39 lived there. There is no information after this.  The land has been planted with forestry, but walls of the house remain standing.

Interesting field names:

Cae pompren Cyn pompren means footbridge; cun, lord, chief; or pack of dogs or wolves. Only a guess, but could it be  footbridge once used by wolves?!!

Wern yr hethgoeg  wern, marsh, alder grove; heth, severe winter weather;  coeg, evil.  A literal translation could be ‘marsh of the exceptionally severe winter weather’.  ‘yr hethgoeg’ could be ‘y rhuddgoed’, the red trees 

Cae llwynkelin llwyn celyn, holly grove 2


1. Neuadd 355 1829, Oct. 7 (NLW)

2. Field names from Neuadd  375-6 1796, Dec. 23-4 (NLW)

Current name of farm / dwelling: Troedrhiwmes Parish: Cil-y-cwm
Name of Recorder: Dafydd Tomos Respondent(s): Information from NLW (Neuadd Fawr documents).
Name of farm / dwelling on Tithe Map: Troedrhuemes
Name of farm / dwelling on Tithe Schedule:
Landowners:(Tithe Schedule) Thomas Harries
Occupiers:(Tithe Schedule) Rees Jones
Ref. No:(Tithe Schedule )
Area in statute measure:(Tithe Schedule) 18.2.20
Land Charges R.A.D.(Cil-y-cwm) £0.18.0
Interesting history / folklore associated with farm / dwelling Planted with forestry, but walls remain standing.
Interesting family history Census 1841 – John Davies; 1861 – Sarah Evans; 1871 – John Davies aged 67; 1881 – Sarah Davies aged 57; 1891, 1901 – Thomas Jones aged 39.  No information after this.
Other information not listed above From Cil-y-cwm websiteMalcolm Richardson (from Germany) Says: November 16th, 2004 at 16:27 pm:-“What a wonderful refreshing site. I found it while seeking information for my family tree regarding the birthplace of my gg Grandfather. He was David Evans, born 12.02.1858 at Troedrhiwmaes.  Is this a village or a farm ?  His father being Thomas Evans, farmer.  Can anyone please give me any further information about the family.
Field No. on Tithe Map Field Name on
Tithe Schedule
Field Name on
Estate Map
Field Name from
other source
Current Field Name Comments
Estate Year Source Year
225 Cae rhiwmes Probably all in Forestry.
Cae pompren Cyn
Cae bach
Wain dan tuy
Wain fain
Wern yr hethgoeg
Cae troedrhiw
Cae llwynkelin
Cae yr Tuy


29/12/1893  Carmarthen Journal

Summary – sale of Troed-rhiw-maes (18 acres), public auction Friday, 5th Jan, 1894 – yearly tenant, Mr William Davies.

SALES BY AUCTION. COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. PARISH OF CIL-Y-CWM. MESSRS. W. WILLIAMS AND SON are instructed to SELL by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at the King’s Head, Llandovery, at 2.30 oclock in the afternoon, on Friday, Jan. 5th, 1894 (subject to conditions then and there produced), all that desirable FREEHOLD FARM called “TROED-RHIW-MAES,” situate in the parish of Cil-y-Cwm, containing by admea- surement about 18 acres, and now in the occu- pation of Mr William Davies, as yearly tenant. For plan and any further particulars apply to the Auctioneers, Ty Coch, Llandilo, or Mr. J. MORRIS, Solicitor. Blaenau, Festiniog

From the NLW website –  Estate – Neuadd        

375-6      1796, Dec. 23-4

…….LEASE AND RELEASE of: (1) the messuage called Pen y bank and the fields thereunto belonging called Cae yr Onnen, Caecwm Clyd, Wain cwm Clyd, Cae Scybor, Cae yr ffynnon, Cae yr brin, Cae yr lan, Cae yr bettin, Gwain y Coed, Yr wain goch, Pwlle yr Mawn, Cae garw, Cae bach, and an open piece of ground called Penbrin Cach and Y lan, and: (2) the messuage called  Troedrhiw Mes and the fields held therewith by the fourth party called Cae rhiw mes, Cae pompren Cyn, Caebach, Wain dan y Tuy, Wainfain, Wern yr hethgoeg, Cae Troed y rhiw, Cae Llwynkelin, and Cae yr Tuy, all in the parish of Kylycomb…….

355       1829, Oct. 7

RELEASE (being a settlement prior to the marriage of the said William Williams and Elinor John) of Troedrhiwmes and the fields held therewith

called Caerhiwmes (now divided into two fields), Caepomprencyn, Caebach, Waundanytuy, Waunfain, Wernyrhethgoeg, Caetroedyrhiw (also divided into two fields), Caellwynkelyn, and Caerptuy [sic], parish of Kilycwm. …….