Tŷ-mawr (Large House. Cil-y-cwm Village)

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E.P. Lloyd was the owner and Evan Evans the tenant of Tymawr house and garden and four acres of land. Tymawr house was set back from the road and was described  as a ‘big old house, the Barracks, as it was then called, with four families living in it and plenty of room for the children to lay their games.’ It must have fallen into disrepair and was demolished some time after 1870 leaving ‘a patch of open land without owner in the village, parallel with the wall of the churchyard and at one time there was a big oak tree growing there. And many of the villagers indeed parishioners used to meet to tell stories. Cilycwm was a good place for stories.’ 1


1. Edna Dale Jones. Cilycwm a Village and its Squire. People, Property, Development. The Carmarthenshire Antiquary. 1994..

Name of Recorder: Sara Fox
Parish: Cil-y-cwm/Llanfair-ar-ybryn Cilycwm
Name of Farm/Dwelling on Tithe Map 120 Tymawr House and Land [Cil-y-cwm Village] Tŷ Mawr
Landowners (Tithe) E.P. Lloyd
Occupiers (Tithe) Evan Evans
Ref. No. (Tithe) 120 Ty mawr house and lands122 Garden
Name of Farm/Dwelling  (Tithe Schedule) 122 Tymawr House & Lands(4 acres 3 roods 30 perches)

Garden (30 perches)

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