Tŷ-mawr-isaf, Tygodrepentre & Tŷ-croes

Tŷ-mawr-isaf, Tygodrepentre & Tŷ-croes (Lower Big House, House at the Bottom the Village & House at the Crossroads. Cilycwm village)

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Edward Pryse Lloyd of Glansevin was the owner of Tŷ-mawr-isaf, Tygodrepentre & Tŷ-croes. William Phillips was the tenant in Tygodrepentre and John Evans was the leaseholder of Tŷ-croes & Tŷ-mawr-isaf.

Tygodrepentre was there in the 1830’s as the occupants defaulted on the parish rate every year. In the 1840’s and 1850’s it was lived in by William Phillips a tailor and his family.

Tŷ-croes and Tŷ-mawr-isaf were  built on the gardens of Tŷ-mawr-uchaf in 1837-38 by John Evans in agreement with Edward Pryse Lloyd. Evans held these houses on a lease for three lives. They were stone with thatched roofs, Campbell Davys bought these from the son of Pryse Lloyd in 1872. Thomas Isaac a miner was living at Tŷ-croes in 1851, possibly one of the last miners to work the Gwenlas levels, copper mines a mile from Neuadd Fawr  in the Gwenlais valley they were also called the ‘Happy Valley Lead Mines’.


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Name of Recorder: Sara Fox
Parish: Cil-y-cwm/Llanfair-ar-ybryn Cilycwm
Current Name of Farm/Dwelling Tymawr plus neighbouring cottage
Name of Farm/Dwelling on Tithe Map 114 Houses and Gardens [Cil-y-cwm Village] (Tygodrepentre, Tycroes and Tymawr Isaf)
Landowners (Tithe) Edward pryse Lloyd
Occupiers (Tithe) William Phillips Tygodrepentre

John Evans (leaseholder) Tycroes & Tymawr isafRef. No. (Tithe)114Name of Farm/Dwelling  (Tithe Schedule)Houses and GardensArea in Statute Measure (Tithe)1 rood