Waungroyddir (marshy ground of fresh water or marshy ground of a water source)

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Waungroiddir was a small farm of 22 acres belonged to Earl Cawdor in the tithe and Timothy Davies was the tenant. From 1841 to 1871 Timothy Davies (a Saddler) lived there, from 1881 to 1891 David Jones; and 1901 to 1911 Alfred Evans.

John Williams formerly of Henllys remembers his father Ken telling a story about the lady of this house, who lived there alone with a male lodger. Some of the children of the village played a trick on them as they were convinced they were a ‘couple’. One day they pinched the poker from the fire and put it in the lodger’s bed. A few days later they called and asked her why the fire was smoking so much, her reply was, ‘We can’t find the poker’!

Now only the barn remains. A spring from this farm used to supply the village of Cil-y-cwm, a well is marked on the 1880’s OS map in the field to the east of the house, just off the footpath back to the village.

Interesting field names:

Cae cartws carthouse field


1. John Williams