Pen Talar

Pen Talar was S4C’s epic 9-part series that followed two young boys through half a century. Parts of the series were filmed in and around Cilycwm and many locals appeared as extras.
From the S4C website –
“In 1962 sling-shots, go-karts and bazooka chewing-gum are the stuff of the lives of Defi Lewis and his best friend Doug. A blissfully innocent, Arcadian childhood in rural west Wales. That is, until they witnessed something that robbed them of their innocence, on the same day the Western world lost its innocence, with the assassination of JFK in Dallas, Texas. The series followed Defi and Doug from that fateful November day, over half a century, through one of the most turbulent eras of Welsh history, world history, and of course, their own lives. A tale of paradise lost, for others of a paradise regained.”
Click here for the S4c Pen Talar pages.

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