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Visiting Cilycwm

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Cilycwm circa 1910Cil-y-cym Village – 1910

and here are a few more reasons to whet your appetite for visiting and exploring what we consider to be our Shan-gri-la:


  1. Cil-y-cwm Church – Medieval in origin with many outstanding features: description
  2. Ring of Stones – hidden in the forestery at Cefn Gwenffrwd
  3. Cwm Rhaeadr – Pictures here. Information here,
  4. Cil-y-cwm Village – a mixture of several centuries of rural habitation, cobbles, a historic water culvert and a busy pub with a reputation for fine food..
  5. Soar Chapel.  See Church and Chapels under Recent History
  6. Dolauhirion Bridge – dates from 1773 and is attributed to William Edwards. A single arch, It has been recognised as one of the 12 most beautiful bridges in the world. More information here
  7. The River Towy – backbone to the parish, at one time renowned for its fishing, but today it’s the sound of the sleepy river on a quiet night that has mesmerised many of the inhabitants.

Plus, seven more wonders neighbouring Cil-y-cwm

  1. Twm Sion Cati – folk hero who hid in the mountains . His “ystafell” or cave is a popular attraction for many people.
  2. Dolaucothi Gold Mines – Pre-Roman centre for the production of gold , now owned by the National Trust.
  3. Llyn-y-Fan – a place for walking and relaxing. This is the place associated with the ‘Lady of the Lake’ and the ‘Doctors of Myddfai’.
  4. Carreg Cennen Castle – the most spectacular of the many castles in the area and worth a visit all year round.
  5. Eppynt – ( Cynghordy – Tirabad – Llywel ), a scenic drive linking Carmarthenshire to Breconshire with an unusual village in the middle.
  6. Cynghordy Viaduct – impressive 18 arched stone structure that carries the ‘Heart of Wales’ railway line.
  7. Llandovery – market town, central to this rural area. Castle, statue,Information Centre including Tonn Press – important in Welsh literature, restaurants etc..

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