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  1. Beverley Muehlbauer says:

    I have tried to enter information on the Visitors page but the required boxes for entering my name and email address do not permit any entry!
    My great-grandfather John Davies was born in The Royal Oak inn in Porthyrhyd in 1861. His father David Davies was the publican (and butcher) there.
    Does this building still exist?
    Thanks for any information. Will be much appreciated.
    Beverley Muehlbauer

  2. Christine higgins says:

    Re Daniel jones and Esther
    My 4 times great grandparents , I am researching on ancestry and dna link

  3. Hi Dafydd
    Back in 2013 you kindly sent me some church records on the Rees Family C1800, I have recently contacted a possible connection to the Rees fam “Pumpsaint forge” est 1747 “THOMAS REES & SON” which the present owners Daughter “Mandy” is researching her tree from 1831 and my earliest ancestor David Rees B1782 his Father John is as far as I have got …as most people married waited till their 21st birthday I presume John was born about 1760ish and also worked in the forge there is possibly a connection.
    Now what I would like to know where the records can be found as most of the church & chaplel’s were built at a later date ie CAIO,PUMPSAINT and Cilycum after 1800 …if you can help I would be most greatful
    Cheer’s Mike.g

  4. Glynis Roberts says:

    Hello. On researching my family I have discovered the Thomas family in Cilycwm in the 1830s – 1870s. Much happened in Tynewydd. Is that (or was it) a hamlet near Cilycwm?

  5. sian leitch says:

    I am over the moon, there is a picture of my grandmother in the front row of the Soar Chapel Choir picture. Sarah Elizabeth Davies (but actually Thomas). I know that she had a great singing voice and her Uncle told her to all the local Eisteddfods , I have got her original sheet music.

  6. sian leitch says:

    Hello, this is a great site. My welsh mother and all her family came from this area. My x 3 great grandfather Daniel Thomas b 1840 parents John Thomas b 1798 and Gwen Davies lived at Henllysfach. Daniel’s son William Thomas b 1880 married Annie elizabeth Jones and lived at Moelfre farm.Their daughter Sarah Elizabeth Thomas b 1913, was my grandmother. She married David Evan Williams. I have some photos of the family at this farm.
    My mum spent many happy hours on this farm. I live in Australia, but my uncles still live in Penarth. I hope to visit it here myself soon.
    Again thanks for this wonderful site. Sian Rhiannon Leitch nee Perkins

  7. Rob Balzan says:

    Many thanks to our great friend Will Theophilus for his support over several years from your beautiful part of the country and good luck with the Cilycwm show once again this year which we’re proud to sponsor.

    Rob at and

  8. Alan Farmer says:

    I first visited Rhandirmwyn back in 1972, when age 13 ; where i stayed nearby at the former YHA-Bryn Poeth Uchaf.
    I have never forgotten staying at the hostel, high-up beyond the Wardens farm on a warm and windswept July summer’ day.
    I am planning to revisit the former hostel for a “deja vu”, in order to see if i can take back more of the fond memories i have of that enchanting gas-lit / wood burning hostel.

  9. Paul Morris says:

    Went for a great walk today. Out and up on the east side of Afon Merchon. Over the camel humps to Craig Lech – gwent, round Esgair ferchon and back down behind Rhiw Cilgwyn. I guess it’s about 7 miles. Took three hours and caught some great views. Thank you very much to the farmer from Gangwenlais I think it was who took time to chat and advise about the start, as the paths are a little illusive.

    Ta Paul and Gwen

  10. Geraint Lewis says:

    On a recent family visit to Cwm Raeader we were most dissapointed to witness locals walking dogs (off their leads) along the designated disabled pathway, dogmess in evidence. On return to the car park we noticed that it was clearly signed at the start of the walk -no dogs, obviously this does not apply to some.There are acres of main pathways that are dog accessible so why use the disabled path?
    You have a wonderfull facility there provided for the enjoyment of everyone,it will be a pity if it is allowed to take on the look of an inner city back allyway.
    Could dog walkers please show a little more consideration to disabled facilities.

  11. Pererin says:

    Wedi dod i chwilio am Morgan Rhys (bu farw 1779). Mae cyfnod y Dolig yn dod ac mae wedi sgwennu emynnau mawr iawn am ystyr bywyd a thragwyddoldeb. Sidro beth oedd ei gefndir o. Wickipaedia wedi dweud ei fod yn dod o Cilycwm, felly dyma ni!!

  12. Mike Galvin says:

    Hi I recieved a e-mail in Welsh from a “Roseline Mpele” as I am researching my Fam tree I opened it thinking it was of interest to me..and realized it was a Money scam from Africa …usual sob story $500,000 which you send your bank details and the money is yours!!
    Do NOT open, I have a trash sub-folder which I can send “dodgy” e-mails to which I can regularly delete and re-open a new one WHICH I sugest is the best way to deal with unwanted mail.
    So somehow the scammers have clicked on to a new way of getting into servers as the Welsh looked perfect and with my limited few words was fooled into believing it was a genuine contact
    “DOLCH” Mike.G

  13. Gary Lower says:

    Am so happy to find your website. Have just started ancestry search. David Theophilus was born in Cil-y-Cwm on Feb. 7, 1833 and married Margaret Thomas (b. Sept. 10, 1834) of Llansadwrn, July 31, 1857. They took over Twedyshew Farm (53 acres) from Mary’s father in Llansadwrn and departed for America in 1868. My wife and I look forward to visiting in person in the next few years.

    • Richard Turner says:

      Hello Gary,
      I am sure we can help you since the Theophilus family are still here and flourishing. Could you clarify who Mary is? It’s unlikely there is a farm called Twedyshew, but there are several Troedyrhiw farms around Llansadwrn. I’ll see if I can post a map.

      Dick Turner

      • Neville Williams says:

        Dick, My mother was born in Glanrhosan, she was a Theophilus. In searching the family history and talking to Dorrie Theophilus, many years ago, I had details of the family which emigrated to the USA; including their descendants. There is a Guy D Lower who married a Margaret Theophilus and , no doubt , is connected to Gary Lower. I would be happy to send all this to Gary if he wishes . Can you suggest a direct way to contact him. Meanwhile I occasionally return to my searches to finalise the Theophilus family connections and there are so many of them around; quite prolific.

    • dafydd says:

      shwd mae Gary,

      there is a wonderful new resource on the National Library of Wales website which lets you see newspapers between 1800 and 1920.
      there is one (in Welsh) called “Tarian y Gweithiwr” for 30/12/1909 which says that David’s father Daniel died on nov. 14th, buried in a place called Winifred, South Dakota.
      Daniel is mentioned as having a very fine singing voice!


  14. We moved here at the end of November and its great to find this website. I like taking pics so if you could let me know how to submit some local ones for the Gallery that would be great.

  15. Rosanna Miller says:

    Great website. Thank you, Willliam Theophilus for all the wonderful pictures you have posted here. My daughter and I hope to get back over there some day to do more research on our Theophilus family. It was great talking to you and thanks for introducing me to this website.

  16. pam says:

    great website doing my family tree david davies married a jane fruin date 17 march 1820 cilycwm daughter matha 1833 her birth cert says abercamles father clockmaker david davies birth about 1800 if anyone could help thanks very much

    • Cerys Foley says:

      I am also a descendant of Davies Davies. His brother Michael, alSo a clockmaker was my ggg grandfather. Their father was also David Davies,clockmaker and their grandfather was Michael Davies clockmaker b 1727 d 1807.

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