Cil-y-cwm in 2021

I feel very fortunate to be living in this village in 2013. As in any small community there are arguments and disputes, but in general the spirit of tolerance is not just a Christmas affair but  oils the wheels of our relationships through the year. It’s not only a friendly place but has often been a very interesting place to live. At present there is understandably a certain inertia in the air – a preference for leaving things alone and not taking any initiatives. It doesn’t look as if 2012 will be any better economically than last year, but that should not stop us from doing some exciting things in the village.  There are some good ideas buzzing around – let’s see what we can achieve.
As Moderator of this site my job is to reflect the views of the village, to help people to publicise events, opinions, new ideas; to form new groups, even to make money! I very much welcome contributions from both local people and visitors, only providing that they are not abusive. Anonymous contributions will only be accepted in exceptional circumstances, so please ensure that you give your name and email or postal address when sending in a piece. Polite criticism is just as welcome as praise, and I will do my best to respond to any posts and comments as quickly as possible. In this I will be guided the community association and in particular by our sub group: Chris Robertson, Dafydd Tomos and William Theophilus.
Richard (Dick) Turner
Ty Jarman

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  1. Clare says:

    Does anyone know of any heronries in the area? There used to be 3 – active until the 1980s. I am wondering if they have relocated in the area. I am collecting this information on behalf of the British Trust for Ornithology. If you have any information, please give an email address and I will contact you privately.
    I enjoyed reading the article about the local bird sightings.

    • Dafydd says:

      Hello Clare. We had one of those heronries on our land, about 10 or 15 nests possibly. They’ve not been there for a number of years, although we do still see the occasional heron around (usually in a wet field).

  2. Jennifer Rees says:

    Does anyone have any information about the Badger family of Cilycwm I believe my great grandmother was part of it she was born in Cilycwm parish about 1810 and married William Davies of the Llanddewi Brefi parish about 1837 .They lived in Cwmpedol Ffarmers and are buried in Bethel ,Cwmpedol .I would like to know more about her .Any information would be gratefully received.

  3. Diane.Heliwell says:

    Why is the Welsh Language place below English?
    Why is the Welsh Language given a less clear font than English?
    Why is the Welsh Language in italics whilst English is in a normal typed font?

  4. Julie says:

    If anyone has old material or clothes they no longer want, I would be more than pleased to have them. I am looking for cotton preferably. Not polyester or silky materials as I am making patchwork throws and cushion covers. Thanks. Julie

  5. Peter Cornah says:

    I had a good long talk to Will Theophilus the other day and caught up on the local news – good and sad, but Will is always a mine of information!
    I have also written to the community council about the field by the police house which we retained when we left Brynllan in 2009.
    Over our 12 or so years at Brynllan, we had 3 approaches, 2 serious about building on that field so I wrote to the council to gets there views about whether they thought any building, on that field was appropriate, and if so what.
    If anyone not on the council would like to contact me, I’d be pleased to hear from you.
    All the best.

  6. Mansel Thomas says:

    My visit to this site brought me considerable joy, particularly the photograph of the 1920 Choir as it includes three of my late aunts; Anne, Mari and Sally of Moelfre. However, their surname was Thomas not Davies as shown. I spent the first seven years of my life at Moelfre and have happy memories of the district.
    I was born in Soar Chapel House and my parents and grand-parents are buried in the graveyard behind that Chapel.

    Mansel Thomas

    • sian leitch says:

      Hello Mansel, I am the family tree researcher in my family. Sally was my grandmother, I am Iris’s daughter Sian. I looked at the choir picture and through it was a bit strange with the davies surname.
      I would love to get in contact with you. I have some old photos of the family at Moelfre farm, including sally’s parents william and Annie.

      • Mansel says:

        Hello Sian
        Sorry for delay in responding to your message.
        I’m having sight problems and am recovering from the latest cornea transplant. I should like to hear from you from time to time
        I miss all the news now that Dilwyn is no longer with us.
        My family from Perth are with us this week.

        Best wishes Mansel

  7. Richard Turner says:

    Hello Stephen,

    Good to hear from you, and I’m sure you would find a warm welcome here. There are several places I could recommend, including the ones in the “Visitors” section on the web page. Since there are several members of the Theophilus family living here now, I will ask William Theophilus, who is on our website group, to get in touch with you directly.
    I look forward to meeting you when you visit.

    Dick Turner

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