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Beacons Projects Associates Ltd.

Our Services

As professional project managers and surveyors we will add value to your scheme by making sure that you have the most accurate information at the most appropriate stage in your project and ensuring that critical operations happen on time. This will help you and your team to avoid the distractions which result in wasted time and wasted resources.

We specialise in property and have over 20 years experience in delivering conservation of heritage assets, new build residential and commercial developments, conversions, refurbishment and maintenance projects. We will help you to understand the detail and can bring together the right team to deliver your project.

Our Philosophy

Development should always deliver an improvement but not at the expense of our heritage, environment or community. We are always guided by the hierarchy of sustainability:

Reuse – Repurpose – Recycle – Recover – Replace

 “always your idea – together it is our project”

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Painting and Decorating
Building Services
Panty Bryn Bach holiday cottage.
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Made in Cilycwm
Beautiful and useful wooden things by Matt Davies
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Modest Designs
Woodwork to live with by Dick Turner
See my website for more details: modest-designs
(It’s no accident it looks like this one!):
CD Locksmiths
Window & Door repairs and servicing.
Hinges-locks-handles-misted glass-adjustments-re-alignment

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