Sally Ford of Penstaacan

The late Sally Ford, of Penstacan Farm located on the outskirts of Cilycwm, passed away during the summer months. A large number of family and friends gathered at St Michael’s Church in Cilycwm, to bid farewell to a remarkable character.

To comply with her last wishes for her ashes to be scattered on the mountain range on Mynydd Mallaen, on the ridge that she so often referred to as the ‘Saddleback’, a group of her family and friends went up onto the Mallaen.

The honour of placing Sally on this iconic location fell to her good friend Russ Wilman, who was the landlord of the Neuadd Fawr Arms in Cilycwm, during 1988/89.

2 Responses to Sally Ford of Penstaacan

  1. William C. Hughes says:

    So happy I am to see where I’m from!
    -William C. Hughes

    • chrisrobertson says:

      Hello William. Thank you for your various comments. The Hughes family are still present in the Upper Tywi Valley – John Hughes is landlord of the Neuadd pub in the village and Neville Hughes is the local builder.

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