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Hi, I am researching my family tree and my 2nd great grandfather apparently was called Daniel Williams born 1835 in Cilycwm. His parents were David Williams and Mary (David apparently being born in 1810 in Cilycwm). Sometime in the mid to late1840’s David and family moved to the Bedwellty and Rhymney area. Is there any way you can help me out in researching them?
Many thanks, Heather Williams.
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  1. Ann Sparrow says:

    Family history of Pantyffynon farm Crugybar and photo if possible.
    Williams family. Now part of Cwmisaf farm? Diolch.Many

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I am doing research into my 4th great grand aunt’s family, and am
    looking into her husband’s family. The only information I have is that
    Rees Williams, spouse of Ann Henderson (married in 1848 in Cilycwm),
    is son of Rees Williams and likely Elizabeth. The son Rees Williams
    was most likely christened in 1798 and had the profession of a
    shoemaker. The father Rees Williams was a school master. I’ve been
    looking in FamilySearch, Ancestry, and FindMyPast for records would
    love any help finding more out about this family. Thanks!

  3. Gloria Rowles says:

    Just wondering if you can help Stephanie and myself with any information which may have come to light about Rev.Dafydd Morgan of Holborn.He and his family are buried in the churchyard.Thanks,Gloria.

  4. Jason says:

    I’ve always enjoyed walking over Mynydd Mallaen, especially around
    GwenLias and Cwm Marchon, Banc Main.

    Any idea’s for the name Mallaen as a translation ? Also Ladies Crag
    over on Craig Merched / Ladis Craig ? How come the Crags are named
    after Ladies ?

    I noticed that Marchon might mean Girl ? So there’s a possible theme
    naming features after Women/Girls which is interesting

  5. Mared Ifan says:


    Good afternoon,
    I’m getting in touch from BBC Wales News. Very keen to talk to someone
    today about Fannog farm in Llyn Brianne.
    Diolch yn fawr,

  6. Alathea Anderssohn says:

    Hi, I am working through a short memoir that my grandmother wrote in
    the 1980s. She was born in 1899 and grew up in Llandovery. She wrote
    that her earliest memory was of the celebrations of Edward VII’s
    coronation in 1902, to which she wore “a red and white striped coat
    made from the wool of Mamgu and Tadgu Brynteg’s sheep woven at
    Davies the Mill in Cilycwm.” There is a description on your website of
    Llwynhelyg Mill, Cilycwm, but it states that in 1902 the mill was
    worked by the Evans family. My question is: was there more than one
    woollen mill in Cilycwm, or had my grandmother remembered the family
    name wrong? I presume that her family continued to have cloth woven by
    the same mill later on, otherwise she might not have known the name or
    location of the mill at all.
    Thank you in advance for any help!

  7. Hefin Jones says:


    I am looking for an old copy of the Lloffwr that contains a photo of an old horse drawn hearse from Llansawel. I think it was built by my grandfather and his brothers maybe at Wion Farm Llansawel. Any information would be grateful.

  8. Simon Herbert says:

    Looking for information on Herbert family from Cilycwm area

  9. Val Markham says:

    Hi. My great grandmother was Mary Jones born in 1861 in Cilycwm.
    Census records from 1891 and 1901 (she was then married, living in
    Llandovery and had the surname Evans) show she was born in Cilycwm and
    the inscription on her gravestone at Llandingat Church shows that she
    was born in 1861. I know that after she married Rees Evans in 1882 she
    lived in Stone Street, Llandovery where she and Rees ran a grocers
    shop. Mary died in July 1912. In December 1916 and January 1917 Rees
    and Mary’s sons, Gwilym and David, were killed in WW1 and their names
    are inscribed on the memorial in Llandovery.
    I’ve looked at census, marriage and other records but I’m unable to
    find out the name of Mary’s parents. There were 3 Mary Jones’s born in
    Cilycwm that year!
    I’d very much appreciate it if someone has some information that would
    help me find Mary’s Cilycwm family. Val

    • dafydd says:

      Mary, the person we are searching for was the daughter of Rees and Anne Jones, a mason living in Tymawr, Cilycwm in 1861 and in the Old School House in 1871. 

      In 1901, Mary’s brother Daniel Jones (who was living in Clifton House, Cilycwm) got married.  Among the guests were Mr & Mrs Evans, Forest View, Llandovery (i.e. Rees & Mary).  Thanks to Handel for finding the newspaper cuttings.

  10. Nick Gammage says:


    I am researching Welsh Drovers and I am trying to find biographical
    information about a drover Roderick Roderick who I believe was born in
    Porthyrhyd around 1800 and lived in the village with his brother David
    – also a drover. I would be very grateful for any information.
    Thank you. Nick Gammage.

  11. Laurence Llewelyn says:

    Field names / Tithe maps

    The National Library of Wales has in digitised format all of tithe
    maps / field names for I think about 1830.
    If you need help in accessing I am willing to help.
    Information given might fill in gaps in your text.

  12. Brian Thomas says:

    Helo bobol Cilycwm.
    Dw i bron yn sicr mae merch o’r ardal oed Mamgi ac wedi cael ei geni
    yn 1880/1 ar ffarm o’r enw Cwmdunant? Di’r llawysgrif ddim mor glir a
    hynni ar ddogfen Y Census 1891.

    Dw i’n gwybod yn bendant ei bod yn byw yng Nghrugybar ar fferm
    Maellanwrthwl yn 19 oed pan briododd a John Ifor Jones, a bu’r ddau yn
    byw yn Ty’r Delyn, Crugybar ac yn magi teulu o ddwy ferch a pedwar
    brawd, Mam oedd un o’r merched!! Os oes yna obaith am wybodaeth byddwn
    yn ddiochgar tu hwnt.

    Diolch o galon Brian Thomas.

  13. Rhiannon says:

    I am researchng Annie Jones who at the time of her marriage in Builth
    (1907) was resident at Tir-bach, Llanfair ar y Bryn. Her father was
    John Jones, a farmer, who was deceased by the date of the marriage. I
    would be very grateful for any information about this family.

    Diolch yn fawr.

  14. Helen Harries says:

    I’ve recently found a will mentioning my 3 x greatgrandmother
    Elizabeth, wife of Josiah Jones of Halfway farm.
    The will is of Jane Morgan wife of Daniel Morgan Nantddu, Cilycwm. She
    mentions that Elizabeth is the daughter of her sister Anne. I’m
    attempting to find out the maiden name of both Jane and Anne. I have
    found a wedding between Daniel Morgan and Jane William in 1804. Does
    anyone know anything about this family at all? Many thanks

  15. Elwyn Baynham says:

    Daniel Bowen, son of Christmas Bowen, living in Penlifau, Cilycwm 1841. I would welcome any information/contacts/links regarding this family. Family members also have connections to Pencraig.
    Thank you, Elwyn Baynham

    • Dewi says:

      Helo Elwyn.
      I have Daniel Bowen in my family tree on Ancestry (Cart achau Dewi Owen Jones). His brother, Rees Bowen (was my 3 x gt grandfather. The burial entry in Cilycwm in 1853 for Daniel’s widow, Elizabeth, has her abode as ‘Pencraig, late Penlife’.

      • M J Wilson (Joy) says:

        I haven’t logged into this site for some time.

        For the attention of Elwyn Baynham and Dewi

        Daniel Bowen b c1780 d 1849, son of Christmas Bowen and Mary Price was my great great great grandfather. He married Elizabeth Lewis 21 November 1806. She was baptised 11 February 1785, died 1853.

        Two very special people helped me with my research into the Bowen branch of my family tree:-
        Mrs E Edwards (great great granddaughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Bowen)
        Post Office Porthyrhyd
        Llanwrda Dyfed SA19 8DF


        Mr T P Lewis (great great grandson of Daniel and Elizabeth Bowen)
        153 Vicarage Road
        Morriston Swansea SA6 6DR

        I have never forgotten their willingness to share information with me and whenever I can I try to do the same.

        Elwyn and Dewi please contact me and see how I may help you further.

        • Elwyn Baynham says:

          Dear Joy
          Thank you for your contact. My wife Maureen is descended from Daniel Bowen – he was her ggg grandfather the same as for you.
          Thanks also for the other contacts, the one in Porthyrhyd is very local. You can contact us on We would be happy to hear from you.
          best regards
          Elwyn and Maureen Baynham

    • M J Wilson (Joy) says:

      I haven’t logged into this site for some time.

      For the attention of Elwyn Baynham and Dewi

      Daniel Bowen b c1780 d 1849, son of Christmas Bowen and Mary Price was my great great great grandfather. He married Elizabeth Lewis 21 November 1806. She was baptised 11 February 1785, died 1853.

      Two very special people helped me with my research into the Bowen branch of my family tree:-
      Mrs E Edwards (great great granddaughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Bowen)
      Post Office Porthyrhyd
      Llanwrda Dyfed SA19 8DF


      Mr T P Lewis (great great grandson of Daniel and Elizabeth Bowen)
      153 Vicarage Road
      Morriston Swansea SA6 6DR

      I have never forgotten their willingness to share information with me and whenever I can I try to do the same.

      Elwyn and Dewi please contact me and see how I may help you further.

  16. Anne M. says:

    I am interested in the Jones family living in Dalarwen. I am researching my husband’s maternal family from Llandovery. I believe yet to confirm that Elizabeth Jones married William Newby in the late 1700s. In his will he mentioned Dalarwen home of his wife. I know this is a long shot but could Elizabeth be connected to Dalarwen. They lived in Ty’r heol on the road to Ystradffin near Dolau hiron bridge.

    • Daphne says:

      Dear Anne
      I have just seen your above request and one side of my family lived at Dalar for many many years. My great, great great grandmother, Mary Williams, is shown as living at Dalar when she married Thomas Davies in 1810. Her daughter, my great great grandmother, Hannah Davies is mentioned in her grandfather’s will of 1831 and he is shown as William Williams and living at Dalar. His wife, Elizabeth died some years later but at Troedrhiwcymmer. Mary`s brother, Rees Williams is known to have been living there in 1832 but moved to Troedrhiwcymmer when my great grandmother married my great great grandfather, Morgan Jones from Nantllwyd. My great grandfather, the second son, Thomas Jones was the first of the family to be born at Dalar in 1837. There were 7 children in all but none was called Elizabeth! When Morgan died, William his son took over Dalar and several of his children lived on and off at Dalar. Later, his grandaughter, Ann May Jones (1920-2001) better known as Nansi Dalar, lived there for many years! She was not married!

      I hope the above is of some use to you and should you come accross mor information regarding your husband`s family, I would be very interested in knowing about it. By the way my great great grandmother, Hannah, had a sister called Elizabeth Davies who was born in 1825 at Blaendoithie.
      Best regards

      • Anne M says:

        Thank you for information. Very interesting! I am just wondering when Dalarwen home of Elizabeth Newby nee Jones was mentioned in the will of William Newby there were other homes on Dalarwen. Will carry on researching!

  17. Des Thomas says:

    The 1841 census shows a John Thomas a Lead Miner with his wife Mary
    living at Holborn. He was still there in 1861. Your History Group
    mentions a Mr Hughes living there helping to lead the Independents
    chapel meeting at this address. Am I mistaken regarding this address.
    I’m researching Lewis Thomas believing he may be my GGG
    I wonder if Lewis was born there?
    When mentioning Lead Miner in the census I presume this is mining for
    the chemical element!
    I appreciate any information anyone has on this family.

    • Ginny Smith says:

      Hi Des,
      I too am looking for Lewis Thomas, a lead miner from that area who had a son David Thomas (Born Mydffai 1863). David joined the Royal Artillery and sadly died of enteric fever along with his wife in 1903 in Malta, leaving 4 children, one of which was my grandfather Frederick Thomas.
      Any information you have will be gratefully received.
      Many Thanks
      Ginny Smith nee Thomas

  18. Cerys Foley says:

    A bit of a long shot I suspect but I have reached a dead end tracing my ancestors. my great great grandfather was James Davies b Llandigad/Cilycwm/ Tanlife 1831. He was the son of Sarah Prichard of Llanwrda and Michael Davies a clockmaker d1842 Tyn Rhos. He was the Grandson of David Davies clockmaker Cilycwm and great grandson of Michael Davies clockmaker b@1727 d March 1807. I believe Michael senior’s wife was Esther. Also nephew of David Davies Clockmaker Abercamlais and Llandigad who was married to Jane Fruin of Mortimer, Berkshire.
    The areas in question are Troedrhiw, Llandigad, Tanlife, Abercamlais, Troedrhiw Rhos Cottages and Cilycwm. I am particularly interested to know if anyone knows of any clocks that might have their names on them. I know there’s one of David Davies’s long case clocks in Carmarthen museum. Above all I’m trying to find info on Michael Davies b @1747 d March 1807 Cilycwm. Thanks in anticipation

  19. Cerys says:

    I am trying to find information on my 3rd great Grandfather, Michael
    Davies, b@1787 clockmaker of Cilycwm and his wife Sarah (possibly
    Pritchard) b Llanwrda and James Davies b @1831 Cilycwm. It would appear that their son was not living with them from 1841 onward and I wonder if they both died before 1841.

    I believe Michaels father was David Davies (also clockmaker) but have come to a dead end.
    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you in anticipation

  20. Elinor Jones says:

    Hi, I’m researching a branch of my family tree and I’m struggling to
    get any further with the info I have. I’m hoping for some info on a
    William Rees Thomas 1878 – 1959( born in cwmerchon, Llansadwrn) I
    think I may have found him on a census as a servant on Penrhyn?
    Cilycwm in 1901. He married a Anne or Ann (1879-1959) . Anne is
    recorded (in the family bible) as being born in the post office
    Rhandirmwyn. Her place of birth is also recorded as just Llandovery in
    other records. Their first child is recorded in the family bible as
    being born in Nant-y-mwyn House. Thanks

    • Jonathan Owen says:

      Hi Elinor. I was interested by your story of William Rees Thomas, especially his wife as I had ancestors who lived in both Nantymwyn House and the post office which in those days was Grove Cottage. Fortunately my great grandfather, David Owen who was the headmaster of the school kept diaries. He had married Elizabeth Jones of Grove Cottage in 1888 and he records in October 1891 that he let out the property opposite them called Erw Fach to Miss Anne Jones for £2 per annum. Before this she was living with her parents Jonah Jones 1859 and Sarah 1858 at Corrin which is a mile out of Rhandirmwyn on the Llandovery Road. Actually Sarah was Jonah’s 2nd wife and Anne’s mother was Mary. Both Sarah and Mary were sisters brought up at Dinasbach by their parents, John Morgan 1822 and Ann Davies 1825. John had an unfortunate death as on his return from the Royal Oak one winter’s night fell off the chain bridge near his home and drowned. Back to the Nantymwyn connection I fail to see that they were living in the House and what is more likely is that the area around rhandirmwyn village was often known as the Nantymwyn district. In fact Grove Cottage in Victorian times was known as Grove Cottage, Nantymwyn.
      Jonathan Owen

      • Daphne says:

        Hi Elinor

        I was also interested in your post as Sarah Morgan Dinasbach was my great grandmother`s sister. My great grandmother was Letisha(Letitia) Morgan and was born in 1845 and died in 1896. Sarah did have a sister, Mary, who was born at Cilycwm in 1850 but she appears on the 1881 census for Dinasbach, aged 31 and single and therefore cannot be the Mary Morgan who married Jonah Jones. I think that your Mary Morgan was born in 1857 to Daniel Morgan (1813) and his wife, Mary. Mary and Jonah were married at Llandovery on 26 Sep 1878. She must have died in childbirth and Jonah then married my great grandmother`s sister, Sarah Morgan(s) in June 1879.
        I have all this on my public tree – Davies family tree – but please feel free to contact me again should you need more information.


  21. Judith Weyland says:

    My ancestors (PRICE and NICHOLAS) lived in Tirbanal farm for many
    years in the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century. I have
    collected quite a lot of data, and wonder if anyone would be
    interested, and if anyone has perhaps more to add to mine.

    • Lynsey Beamond says:

      Hi , we have an old Welsh family Bible , it seems that our family , have come into its possession by unknown means and have attempted to erase previous entries
      However I can faintly see written in Welsh birth entries for Nicholas family of Llandovery
      The entries are mainly in Welsh but a friend has translated what is legible

      Elizabeth(?) Jane Nicholas was born in the last Sunday of the year 1900
      Jackie (?) Nicholas was born on the 3rd or 13th (?) of February 1902
      Percival Nicholas was born in the 21st of May 1905 in Llan (?) possibly Llandovery
      Almera Nicholas was born at Llandovery on May 25th 1905

      • Judith Weyland says:

        I don’t think any of these Nicholas family members are from my family. I recognise none of the names. My mother Phyllis Nicholas was born in Llandovery in 1912, and her parents and siblings lived in Tirbanal farm, from some time after 1914 and until at least 1924.
        I don’t think your bible belonged to my family.

      • Drew Evans says:

        Hi, This would be the the family bible of John Nicholas (1874-1924) and Margaret (Davies) Jones (1883-) (an adopted daughter of Elizabeth Jones (my gg grandmother) of Dolgoy Villa/Tynewydd, Cilycwm. Their son, Percival emigrated to the USA, and his son Douglas Nicholas became an accomplished poet and author (

        Drew Evans, Winnipeg

    • Joseph Douglas Davies says:

      Hi dai. Iv spoken to you before about Walter morgan tangogoyan gogoian llanddewi brefi. That was on my grandmothers side. On the grand father’s side. Was all from cellan. David Davies lived at caeronen. His father watkin Davies at Llwyn Evan. My grand father at penpompren. Plus others. We’re do you fit in to the Davies family?. Thanks Joseph Douglas Davies Melbourne Australia. You can like me on Facebook?

  22. Sue Pritchard says:

    Can anyone tell me if a photo exists of Crippau Cochion? My 2x Great grandparents lived there m my 2x great grandfather was Morgan Evans shepherd they were there on 1871 & 1881 census any information will be appreciated
    Thank you

  23. Stuart Williams says:

    Hi I am trying to link relatives to James Williams – a carpenter who
    was born in Cilycwm in or around 1816. He was married to Ann (nee
    Evans) at Llandingat and they lived predominantly in Llandovery and
    had 9 children total. James lived in a variety of addresses in
    Llandovery and is buried in Llandingat church yard with his second
    wife Elizabeth (nee Jones) – anyone looking in the same area ?

    • Dai Davies says:

      This James and Ann are my 4x great grandparents through their daughter Ann. I’m having a tough time with this part of the tree. I’d love for you to get in touch.

    • D Knight says:

      Yes I’m very interested in James Williams carpenter and having trouble with various alternative marriages. He’s my 3g/gf and I’m related to the Williamses of Water St. Could you ring 02920891353 so we can exchange email addresses. David Knight

  24. Rebecca says:

    The farmer David Jones who lived at Gwalrhedyn and Cwmerchon, Cilycwm
    and who died in 1821 is my 4 x great-grandfather.

    Can someone please tell me who his parents were? Perhaps they also had
    connections to Cwmerchon farm.

    David’s wife Margaret Thomas was born in Llanfair-ar-y-Bryn in 1785.
    Do you know anything about her parentage?

  25. Andrea Owen says:

    Researching my husbands family;
    Looking for info on William and Mary Hughes at melinydref , cilycwm is
    this a farm? because they were farmers of 12 acres in 1851 census.

  26. Celia Doyle says:

    How far back and to what year did Dorrie Theophilus manage to research her family
    history please? I am a descendant of the other Theophilus family from
    Myddfai. When my grandparents got married they were both working in
    Neuadd Fawr. Her grandparents came from Llanfair ar y Bryn.

  27. Tessa Kirk says:

    Hello, where would I find Baptist records please?

    If anybody has suggestions for how to access the records, please leave a message. Thank you.

  28. Pat Morgan says:

    Can anyone tell me who were the tenants of Gwynfaes Farm,
    Cilycwm,Carmarthenshire, between 1910 and 1920.


    dafydd – from records, 1911 Census had the Harries family there; he died in 1915; a farm sale held in 1916 by Walter James Auctioneers. By 1919, a press report in the Journal says Rees Evans was living in Gwynfaes.

    If anybody else can give further details, I think Pat would be very grateful.

  29. Janet Williams says:

    Hi. Live in Essex now but been researching ancestors who had
    connections to William Davies of Trebanne/Trebannau, Cellan. Was
    wondering if there was any connection between the 2 places that you
    know of? Possibly a relation who left but used the name. Your
    Trebanne/Trebannau has a much deeper history but found a Davies in
    residence on the 1841 census.
    Janet Williams

    • Dai Davies says:

      Hi Janet,

      I’m distantly related to the Davies’ of Trebannau. William Davies (1803–1886), son of William (1778–1846) and Anne Evans, Wm was son of Mary Davies (1749) and William Davies (1747–1795), Mary was daughter of Rev. Timothy Davies (1711–1771) and Sarah Jones (–1755), etc. The first William Davies and and his wife, Eleanor Lewis, adopted their niece Ellen Lewis Davies (1855–1910) who married my distant relative, Watkin Davies (1848–) and went to live at Caeronen. Their daughter, Annie, married her distant cousin, John Jenkin Davies and lived at Trebannau, then John Jenkin’s sister, Mary Emma Davies lived there in 1901. I’d love to get in touch. My email is [my first and last name] at

  30. Denee Ray says:

    Family History Enquiry –

    Looking for information on the Jones family. My ancestor Richard Jones
    born 1644 in Cilycwm

    Denee Ray

  31. Tessa Kirk says:


    In the 1851 census I have ancestors living at 2 Pwllaubach, Cilycwm. Thomas Thomas.

    Could you please tell me where in the area this would have been?

    From dafydd – Pwllau Bach only appears once in Cilycwm Census Returns – in 1851. It was situated between Sgrafell and Cefnberth in Siloh.

  32. dafydd says:

    The Silvanus (Sylvanus) family are one of the many interesting family names that lived in Cilycwm, mostly in cottages around Cwm Rhaeadr.
    In 1833, Silvanus Silvanus, a wheelwright, living in Caerhals, fathers a son called John who went on to work as a farm servant in Penrhyn in 1851.

  33. Gillian Davies says:

    I’m searching for Mary Silvanus born in 1799 in Cilycwm, she
    married Evan Prickett but i cannot find anything out about Mary any
    help would be great.
    Many Thanks

    • Val Markham says:

      Hello Gillian
      I’m researching my family tree and Mary Silvanus is my great grandmother x3. I’ve found out that Mary and Evan were servants at Cwmfran. Their daughter Margaret was baptised at Cilycwm Church on 12/09/1825 and registered as a ‘base daughter’. Mary and Evan married on 14/09/1825 in Cilycwm. In 1820’s and 30’s they lived at Cwmgwenlais. I’ve traced them through the census as tenant farmers at Troedrhiw, Cilycwm in 1841 and 51. They had 6 children. Evan died in 1851. Mary then went on to Nantcar, Cilycwm where she was a tenant farmer of 36 acres in 1861. She lived there with son John, daughter Anne and grandson Rees Evans (my great grandfather) She died at the end of 1861. Mary’s father seems to be Rees Silvanus but that’s where I get stuck! I hope this has been of some help.

      • Gill Davies says:

        Hello Val, Thank you ,Thats where i have gone back too Mary Silvanus ,my g grandmother was Mary Thomas born in 1890 in Cilycwm she married in 1912 to john Davies born in Aberdare,Glamorgan in 1892 they had 3 sons one son was born Evan Rees Davies 1912 in Cilycwm who was my grandfather ,they are such unusual surnames Prickett and Silvanus

      • Handel Jones says:

        Dear Val
        You mention that your great-grandfather was Rees Evans. It appears that he is the Rees Evans whom I am currently researching.
        Rees Evans, who was born c. 1852 in Cil-y-cwm, was the son of William and Margaret Evans of Nantcar, Cil-y-cwm, who were at Rhiw’rhwch-isaf, Cil-y-cwm at the time of the 1861 census. Rees, aged 9, was with his widowed grandmother, Mary Prickett, in Nantcar, Cil-y-cwm.
        By 1881, William and Margaret Evans were living in 30 Stone Street, Llandovery, where William was a butcher and son Rees kept the Butcher’s Arms.
        Margaret died, aged 63, on 29 April 1888. William died, aged 67, on 25 February 1890.
        I am particularly interested in Rees, who wrote poetry under the bardic name, Moriesin. I have examples of his works, which I hope to include in an anthology of Welsh-language verse by poets of Llandovery and district. However, biographical details are scarce and I am unable to find a photograph of him.
        My contact details are:
        • Handel Jones, Pant-llech-ddu, Rhandir-mwyn, Llandovery SA20 0NG.
        • Tel: 01550 760 261
        • email:

  34. Rory says:

    I am researching my son-in-law’s ancestry and I think one of his
    forebears was baptised in the parish. But I am unsure of the precise
    name – I think it must be, or have been, a farm.
    I can send you copies of the parish records if you like but it seems
    to have been written as ‘Curdinas’ (in 1831). He had had a brother
    baptised in 1828 and then it was ‘Cwryddinas’. Do either of these ring
    any bells? I’ve looked at maps of the area and can’t see anything

  35. Jan Roe says:

    Looking for information on Thomas Thomas (B.22/10/1849), (he has 2 entries in our family Bible, one “Thomas Thomas Troedrhiwfer” and “Thomas Thomas Penybont” .
    He first married Elizabeth (B.11/11/1852 but Died 4/8/1877) they had 1 son Evan (9/10/1872).
    Living in Australia but hoping to visit this Summer,

    Thank you,
    Jan Roe

  36. Gillian Watkins says:

    Hello, I am currently looking at my geneology and have cone across a
    great grandfather named Daniel Rhys Harri or Harris, that apparently
    came from the area, the story goes that he helped a friend who wanted
    to borrow money by becoming a guarantor, unfortunately this person
    upped and left leaving Daniel with a great sum of money to pay back,
    he sold up what he could, left his wife and children and travelled to
    pontypool for work, he changed his name to Jones and his family joined
    him shortly after. He had a few sons, one of which was named John
    (this we think was around 1750.

    The family were also reported to have lots of family remain in the
    area and Daniel I believe is the nephew of “Harris the wise man of
    the area, well know apparently for telling people’s futures.

    Does any of this sound familiar?

  37. Mike Thomas says:

    Just saw a posting from Joy Wilson made in 2009 about Rees Llewellyn (her grandfather). I am also an ancestor of Rees Llewellyn and tried to contact Joy. Her email address is now closed. Perhaps if she reads this comment she could post a new email address and I can converse with her about our family history.

  38. Marianne Stephens says:

    I have been given a file by the widow of a friend, Erwyd
    Jenkins, whose father was the village policeman during the 1910/1920s.
    It contains a great deal of information which Erwyd has researched
    including old photographs of the village school which our mother who
    was born in 1910 her sisters and Erwyd appear. It also traces the
    route of the drovers who travelled through Cilycwm from Cardiganshire
    and beyond. Our family home was The Drovers and our grandfather
    William Williams was a carpenter by trade and also owned a few fields
    near the village.

    • Kevin Evans says:

      Hi Marianne, William was brother to my GGM. Would love to swap info with you. Let me know how best to do this. kind regards.

  39. Janet Watkins says:

    Trying to trace a link between Divlyn Farm & young orphan teenage boys
    from London in 1880s. In particular John & Edward Redding who arrived
    there in 1886 & worked on the farm. A connection with my family at

  40. Lyndon John says:

    Morning, I have obtained a copy of my paternal grandmother’s birth
    certificate. Her maiden name was Mary Jenkins, born 04/06/1893. Her
    parents were Jane and Joseph Jenkins. Cilycwn is clear however the
    housename (I’m assuming it’s not a road name) less so. It looks like
    Tryishaf/Tyishaf. Are you able to assist/clarify this name please? I’d
    be happy to forward the certificate. Thank you.

  41. Emily says:


    My name is Emily, and I am researching my ancestry. I have hit a block
    at my ancestor called Morgan Evans who was born in Llansadwrn in 1817
    but baptised in cilycwm in 1817. I am wondering if you can possibly
    send me any information about the baptism such as parents
    names/occupation so I can continue researching my ancestry.

    Looking forward to your reply,
    Many thanks, Emily

  42. Susan Meers says:

    I am researching my 2x great grandmother, Anne Nicolas, daughter of David Nicolas and his wife Mary, who was baptized on April 8, 1808, in the parish church. Their residence hamlet was listed as Rhi(y)wlas, Carmarthenshire. In the baptism record for my great grandfather, William Jenkins, at Pennsylvania Chapel in Merthyr Tydfil, his mother Anne Nicolas, states her home parish was Cilycum. Does anyone have any information on Nicolases in the Cilycum area, or any suggestions where I could look? Diolch yn fawr.

  43. Peter Heath says:

    I am looking for Thomas Rees son of John Rees born in Cilycwm about
    can you suggest where I look.

    Peter Heath

    • dafydd says:

      It was good to meet you both in Cilycwm last week.

      The Rees family lived most of their lives in Cilycwm (New House). The family is buried on the right as you enter the old Churchyard. The next gravestone has five of his children.

  44. Rebecca says:

    The farmer David Jones in your article about Gwalrhedyn, who died in
    1820 aged 36, is my 4 x great-grandfather. I would like to see his
    Will… I’ve searched for it on the NLW website but can’t find it,
    only that of his son David’s in 1834. Can you help me view it? Also,
    is my David Jones the one who founded the Black Ox bank in 1799? I
    doubt he is, but can you confirm how my David Jones is related to this
    man? Thanks.

    • Jonathan Owen says:

      David Jones of the Black Ox Bank’s family owned many estates including Gwalrhedyn and Cwmerchon. Unfortunately I think that is the only link. Margaret Thomas 1785 married David Jones 1785-1820 and were leasing Gwalrhedyn and were certainly there to at least 1826. Margaret then married Isaac Jones in 1823. By 1834 they were at the adjoining Cwmerchon until at least 1851. Sorry but couldn’t find the parents of these ancestors of yours.
      Jonathan Owen

  45. Marie says:

    Hi, My GG grandfather was born in Rhandirmwyn in 1799 or 1800,
    possibly Galltybere and links with Tanyfoel.
    We have a Welsh bible, handed down, in it it says Elizabeth Richards,
    Rhandirmwyn. Also David Davies, Thomas Richards, 1780.
    William Thomas, his book, 1792. It also mentions the Reverend Peter
    Williams. Where can I get information for the Richards family? I
    believe he was a miner.

  46. Shirley Vinall says:

    I was delighted to come across the memories of ‘Dorrie’ Theophilus on
    your website. The John Evans mentioned there as a schoolmaster living
    at ‘Y Bont’ was the brother of my gt-gt grandfather Rev Dan Evans
    (Hawen), and the comment about ‘Davi Bont’ ‘changing’ his name finally
    helped me to understand why his wife’s two brothers have different
    surnames in one of her obituaries. Many thanks!

    • dafydd says:

      Diolch i Shirley am gysylltu gyda gwefan Cilycwm. After years of fruitless research, a great help in searching for Jaci Siams (or Ioan ap Iago).

      Also, a hundred years ago this day, Hedd Wyn should have won the Chair at Birkenhead National Eisteddfod (6/9/1917 – Eisteddfod y Gadair Ddu ). The Crown at this Eisteddfod in 1917 was won by Wil Ifan (Archdruid in 1947-50). Wil Ifan’s uncle was John Evans, headmaster in Cilycwm School for over 25 years from around the start of the twentieth century. He and his family buried in Fynwent Cilycwm.

      Wil Ifan’s brother (John Evans) was also headmaster of Llandovery County School around 1920.

      Some of the family roots are in Caio and Ffarmers.

    • Shirley Vinall says:

      Diolch yn fawr i chi hefyd, Dafydd,
      Sara Fox’s fascinating book, ‘Cilycwm: the Story of a Village School’, provided me with a great deal of interesting information about John Evans the schoolmaster and his family – very many thanks!

      • Jan Roe says:

        Hi Shirley,
        Could you please tell me where I can purchase the Sara Fox’s
        Book of Cilycwm ?
        All my ancestors are from there and would love to learn even more.
        Thank you if you could help.
        Kind regards
        Jan Roe. (Thomas,Lloyd)

  47. Jennifer Rees says:

    I am searching for my Ancestors whom I believe had connections with Cilycwm. My great Aunt Mary Davies was born in 1805 in Cilycwm and lived in 1841 in Penrhyn Farm with her Father and Brother both Daniel Davies. Her brother William ( My GGgrandfather William Davies was born in Llanddewi Brefi in 1809 I think they then moved back to Cilycwm and lived in Cwm and Pencwm he married a local girl Anne Davies and in 1861 they moved to Llwynberllan in Ffarmers they are buried in Bethel Cwmpedol.William was a drover and then a farm labourer.
    Any information would be great.

    • Diana Hodges says:

      In answer to a post by Jennifer Rees in 2014 about her ancestor
      William Theophilus, son of William and Anne Rees, firstly I’m sorry
      this 4 years later (!) and secondly I have him on the 1841 census. He
      was the eldest son and was born in 1827, the same year that William
      and Anne married. His younger brother, Thomas, born 1841, was my great
      grandfather. If you have any information on the Rees family, I would
      be delighted to receive it. I have found the Theophilus family very
      difficult to research.
      Best wishes and hoping to hear from you,
      Diana Hodges.

    • Hi I have information about William from llanddewi brefi. You can email me at

  48. Sue Benson says:

    Family History Enquiry
    My aunt Jean Hall lived at Grove Cottage in Rhandirmwyn. I would like
    to find out what happened to the cottage and her grandson Benjamin
    Hall after she passed away in 2008. Spent many happy times there, are
    info would be most appreciated.


  49. Dilys Denning says:

    I grew up in Porthyrhyd, went to Llandovery Grammar School, and subsequently emigrated to Canada.
    I would love to purchase a copy of the book.

    I am a direct descendant of Deio Ajax.

  50. Mike Gingell says:

    I am looking for any information on William Hughes who married Jane Williams, who I’m told that the Williams family ran the Neuadd Arms somewhere around the 1900’s.
    They had a son, Willie, who married Mary Lizzie Jones of the Llandovery. Mary Lizzie was the daughter of Letitia Jones of the White Swan Hotel in Llandovery. Mary Lizzie was my Grandmother. Any info on the Williams/Hughes side in Cilycwm would be greatly appreciated.

    • Derek Bryant says:

      Hi, I don’t know anything about the William/Hughes side but if you’re interested Letitia Jones of the White Swan in Llandovery was my great grand mother so I suppose Mary Lizzie would have been my grand father’s sister (David John Jones) olso known as Dai John Swan

      • Mike Gingell says:

        Hi Derek
        Letitia Jones was also my G G grandmother. My mother, Blodwen Letitia Jane was one of Mary Lizzies daughter.

      • Letitia jones was my great grandmother.
        Her son Daniel Isaac Jones my grandfather and his son Arthur Clifford Jones was my Dad.
        I remember as a child eating Welsh cakes in the private room at the back of the Swan . There was a clock there which took pennies and then played God Save the Queen!

  51. Bob Watkins says:

    I have been researching various Morgan and Williams family members
    from Cilycwm, and would just like to say a big thank you to the
    compilers of the MIs from Cilycwm church that you have kindly put on
    the web site. I have been comparing them with the burial records for
    the church and this has filled in a number of gaps for me. So far, I
    have been able to ‘place’ about half of the MIs against known wider
    family members. (If anybody is interested – see my Ancestry tree on
    line or contact me by email). Do you know whether anything similar has
    been done for the non-conformist chapels in Cilycwm, such as Soar and
    Siloh. This would help greatly.

    Kind regards and seasons greetings.


  52. Andrew Roberts says:

    Samuel Thomas of Trebane Mill, c. 1806
    I am researching my family history and have established that a
    direct ancestor was born in Cil-y-cwm, c. 1807, I’m interested to
    learn more about his family and Trebane Mill (which I have been unable
    to identify). The story is complex, but his father was Samuel Thomas,
    said to be the miller of Trebane Mill (who I assume married in 1806:
    Samuel Thomas and Margaret Thomas married on 3 October 1806 at St
    Michael’s Church). David was born David Thomas or possibly used the
    name David Samuel (possibly baptised on 1 March 1807 at St Michael’s
    Church). He is thought to have had siblings: Thomas, John, Daniel and
    an unnamed sister. In 1825, David was involved in a murder. There were
    reports in newspapers at the time, when the murder was said to be in
    Blaewddinfich (Blaen-dynfych), in the parish of Mothvey,
    Carmarthenshire. The case eventually came to trial in 1858, when he
    was cleared of the murder due to lack of identification. He had
    married in 1832 in St Tudôr’s Church, Mynyddislwyn, when he was
    using the name David Price, and by 1858 he and his family were living
    in Bedwas. There were explanations of the name changes in the
    newspapers in 1858. If you can help with information about the family
    and mill, I would be very grateful, I’ll come and discover the area
    next year!

    Andrew Roberts

    • Moira says:

      Blaendynfych (Farm) is in the parish of Myddfai, about 10 miles south of Cilycwm, both communities have a “St. Michael’s ” Parish Church!

  53. Maggie Jensen says:

    I visited my great great grandparents graves at Bwlch y Rhiw Chapel when I visited your beautiful country, there names are Morgan and Mary Timothy. Gravestone near chapel. Was wondering if records show any of their children also buried there. Also, is there any church history records about them?

    Thank you
    Maggie Jensen

  54. Trevor Sutton says:

    I wonder if anyone might be able to help me: I am attempting to trace a Margaret Ann Jones (nee Davies); her mother would have been Mary a native of Cilycwm. I believe that her brothers would have been William John Davies and Arthur Davies and her sister Jane (my grandmother); there were other siblings possibly Kenneth (who in the 1880’s went to farm in Iowa, USA).
    Margaret Ann may possibly have died around the 1960’s? having moved away from Cilycwm? Thank you.

  55. curveddash says:

    I am looking for any information on my great great grandfather, Thomas Lewis, who was born in Cilycwm around 1821. He was a lead miner as well as a Baptist pastor in the area. His first wife was Mary Morgan and he apparently remarried after she died to a woman with the family name of Viponte. My great grandfather William Lewis was born in 1857 at Great House in Llangadog. Any thoughts would be most gratefully appreciated!

  56. Jennifer Rees says:

    I am looking for my GGUncle Morgan Davies who was born in Cwmpedol on the 13 th December 1846 . He was last listed on the 1861 Census as working on the Gwladithe Farm as a servant . I have found a burial in Cilycwm for 1866 and wondered who had the relavant records . The family have been long time Baptists and attended Bethel Cwmpedol but he is not buried there . MyGGUncle Daniel Davies farmed at Penrhyn
    Farm ,Rhandirmwyn .I believe the Farm left the family in the 1930 ‘s . I would be glad of any information regarding this.

  57. Geoff Sykes says:

    Would it be possible to have information on the Fred L James family who are still living in the Cilycwm area and are farmers I assume.
    I am married to Diane James who’s brothers and sister are John, Ann and Diane James.
    The reason I am asking is I’m doing some research on the family tree for their family. I’ve already done the mother’s side so I’m doing the father’s side and their father is Charles Stanley James brother to Fred James.
    I would like to visit Cilycwm and speak personally to the family if they would allow me or members of the James family.
    I know Fred died in may 2005 and is buried in Cilycwm.
    I look forward to hearing from some one as soon as possible, John is 74, Ann is 70, Diane is 62 and myself I’m 69.
    Kind regards
    Geoff Sykes and Diane James

    • Mark James says:

      My name is Mark James . I am a grandson of Fred James . He had 4 sons and 1 daughter . I am a son of Fred’s oldest son . My fathers name is John and his phone number is 01550720716 . He is happy to talk to you anytime .


      • Geoff and Diane Sykes says:

        Hi Mark. Please excuse my absence from replying to your email, the reason is that I’m not very good with computers, sorry! Any way I’m here now.
        I will give your farther a call today and hopefully we can arrange to meet ok.
        By the was, some 10 years ago I had a stroke with has left me some what disabled. My speech has been affected and I’m paralysed on my right side just to keep informed. I still drive and can come out to Cilycwm to see you. Kind regards Geoff Sykes and Diane James.

  58. Phil Huxley says:

    I am looking at my family history & have recently discovered they
    owned or worked a farm called Erwdommy (Erwdymi) in the parish of
    Cilycwm in the nineteenth century. The farm was adjacent to another
    called Blaen-Duffryn. The 1881 census lists Daniel Jones as head of
    household together with the Williams family. My grandmother was Annie
    Williams (aged 6 in 1881). She married Henry William Huxley in 1897.
    Can anyone add anything to this please. Many thanks. Phil Huxley

  59. Graham Smith says:

    A very good morning to you all from the somewhat wet village of Caterham, in Surrey, to your village, which I remember extremely well from the immediate post war years – the second, I must add, I am old but not quite THAT old.

    I used to stay on my uncle Harry’s farm with his wife Edith, my mother’s sister and her two daughters Maureen and Bron, my cousins, who are both still alive I’m happy to say!

    Should you be interested I can send you some photos of the aforementioned.

    Kindest to all.

    Graham Smith

    • Graham Smith says:

      Further to comment above.
      My uncle’s surname was Soan and at the time – mid to late ’40s – he had a regular programme on BBC radio. From memory, which is now somewhat uncertain, the address at the time was simply the name followed by Cilycwm, suggesting it was the only farm there. Minor points, which might help, were that there was a stream running across the access at the bottom of a very large hill (?)/ small ‘mountain’.

      One climbed up a fair distance to a ‘plateau’ where the farmhouse, hay barn, vegetable garden, chicken runs etc. were. Sheep roamed free over the ‘mountains’ for what seemed like miles. Milk was ‘in house’ from the cows. Rabbit was frequently ‘on the menu’ as Harry was a dab hand with his home made catapult. There were no ‘services’. Water was from a stream to the rear piped into the house. Hot water and all cooking was from an Aga type stove. Lighting was paraffin lamps and candles. I remember, in 1949, listening to the Amethyst incident on a battery powered, valve radio amidst crackling noises of ‘high intensity’.

      The attached photos are not in any ‘date sequence’ and feature yours truly with a} Pete, the puppy sheep dog. I remember Harry telling me it had to be a single syllable name for calling when he was ‘operational’. b} Self outside barn door. c} L~R Maureen, Edith and Bron. d} L~R Edith, Harry and Maureen. e} Bron.

      Trust this will be of interest to your ‘oldest’ residents. Politely they would need to be well into their ’80s to remember the times I have related from childhood and not adult memories.
      (There are some photos of mine on the Gallery page

      Kindest to you and yours.


  60. Eryl says:

    Just wondering if you could give me some historical information on my
    grandfather’s home – Llethr, Llandovery

  61. Mike Galvin says:

    Hi I have been researching the Rees Family and my grand fathers mother Mary Ellis Jones-rees Re-Married a David Davis in 1894 his Father was Evan Davis Wife Mary and lived in “Frongoch” Rhandirmyn 1881 Census the family came from Cayo/Caio.
    Mary Ellis was born in Grove Cottage R-m DD died about 4 yrs later their son Thomas in 1945 took over the Hop poles PH Hamersmith LDN with my Grandfather
    Thomas had a Daughter Anne

  62. Sharon Meek says:

    Hi I am trying to find any information regards the Paulinus or Pallinus family sometime in the 1800 it was also written with one letter L. John Paulinus married Elizabeth Lewis, sister of Thomas Lewis the Smithy and Hymnist from Talley. I know that Elizabeth and her daughter also called Elizabeth died November in the year 1801, within two weeks of each other and in the parish register it stated Olchfa. Where in the village was this and is it still there? John Paulinus remarried a Margaret Rees in 1821 and he died 1845. I believe his son Thomas Palinus with wife mary and grandson Thomas had a farm within Cilycwm in the 1841 census. Do you have any information on this family and that of a Jonet Lewis sister of Elizabeth who married Joseph Rees of Cilycmn in 1783. They are my 1st cousins x 7times removed, Thomas Lewis was my 7x G grandfather Kind Regards Sharon Meek

  63. John says:

    I didn’t want to make my comment too long, so I’ll say now that my Mam’s great (or great great) grandparents came from Cilycwm in the 1830s. David and Sarah Howells (Sarah Evans) moved to Blaenafon which was a booming coal and iron town. David would return to Cilycwm for lambing, shearing and haymaking Then he had a haulage business carrying limestone from the quarry at Pwlldu through the tunnel to the blast furnaces in Blaenafon. The family continued in the business to my great grandfather’s day. The iron traces with which the horses pulled the drams were still hanging in the shed when I was a boy. I was unaware of my connection with Cilycwm until a few years after coming here to live.

    • Sharon Davies says:

      Hello Johm, read with much interest the info you included about David and Sarah Howells, who I believe was my Dad’s Great Grandparents…I could find no trace of David/or Howell as he was known in family bible in Llanellen. where he maintains he was born …anyinformation regarding the FT would be gratefully received. Kind Reagards Sharon Davies (nee Howells)

  64. Angie Hicks says:

    Siwd mae!

    I’m wondering if there is a simple map available that shows the farms in/around Cilycwm. My great great grandmother stayed at Clyngell with her relative David Price during both 1841 and 1851 censuses. During the 1851 census my great grandfather, Rees Rees, was a farmhand at Clyngell. They married and I think they were given some land as, on my great grandmother birth certificate, it states that she was born at Clyngell Fach. Does anyone have any knowledge of Clyngell Fach?

    My great great grandmother died, leaving my great great grandfather with three young daughters. He later remarried and had a second family and lived at Rhandirwine (?) farm, Cilycwm.

    I would really appreciate any information on these farms. Hoping to hear from someone soon!
    Diolch yn fawr
    Angie Hicks

    • Gill Thomas says:

      Hi Angie
      Have a look at the Cynefin Tithe Map project on the National Library of Wales site. It details all the farms in the parish and will even tell you who owned them and what type of crops/livestock were farmed.
      Gill Thomas

    • Hi Angie
      There are a number of Farms south of Cilycwm a small hamlet called “Siloh£ in the 1881 census there was a family called Price She was a widdow her husband was a churchman, recently I contacted a lady called Price who was a historian for LLandovery and lives in “New Inn”” Siloh who was very helpful as my ancestors lived there in 1881
      Good Luck Mike.g

      • Angela Hicks says:

        Sorry for the delay, Mike, I have been swamped for weeks with grandchildren sitting, taking them on holidays and entertaining visitors! Thanks so much for your help, I’ll certainly go and try to meet this lady!


  65. Vanessa Lemm says:

    Further information from Vanessa Lemm (see comment below)
    Dad says Mair has a brother Isaac quite a bit older than Mair. He says Mair’s father David was always good to him. Blodwyn was nice too. Dad says he fell off Cuthbert because a dog scared Cuthbert. Sunshine, Bess, Chess and Jolly were the names of the other horses.
    Dad can sing a Christmas carol in Welsh. When I was a teenager I was learning the piano and I would play Wings of Angels will enfold thee all through the night and Dad would sing it in Welsh. Sunshine was Issac’s horse and Cuthbert was Mair’s horse.
    Cuthbert was a fast horse and Dad said that sometimes he would ride past the school on Cuthbert and the school teacher would tell him not to race the horse.
    Dad remember’s Mair doing her nurse’s training and coming home to the farm with little gifts for her parents and for Dad. Issac was a Minister in the church.

  66. Dale Williams says:

    Hi. Looking for any descendants of Rhys and Anne Williams ( b. 1805 +/- 5 years) Son Thomas Rhys Williams( b. 1828) who married Catherine Davies about 1849 and emigrated to Canada in 1863.
    Rhys Williams

  67. Vanessa Lemm says:

    Hi my name is Vanessa Lemm. My father Derrick Lemm was a war evacuee.
    Mair Owen’s parents looked after my Dad on their farm. Dad has very
    fond memories of Mair and her parents. Dad remembers Cuthbert the
    horse very well also. Dad is still alive and was wondering if Mair was

    • Jonathan Owen says:

      Hi Venessa.
      I have been over to see my mother this morning, Mair Owen who used to live at Nantgwyn Farm in Rhandirmwyn and she remembers your father when he was an evacuee. She still lives in Newport aged 97 but her brother Isaac died a few years ago. She has dementia now but seems to remember things from long ago much better. She ended up getting an OBE from the Queen for her services to nursing and still remembers Derrick taking Cuthbert to the station when she was coming home. Sorry I have only just seen your post and I know 6 years have gone by but I hope you are all still well.

  68. Susan Isaacs says:

    Hello. I am a descendant of the Williams family who lived at Dolgoy in the 1800s. (three of five children emigrated to the USA, and I’m a descant.

    I’ve had some family documents for about thirty years, showing the Dolgoy farm. I see your listing about John Williams, head of the house at Dolgoy in 1841. This corroborates what I have. However, I’d like to reach back further. Are any ancestry records kept online in England or Wales

    Also, Williams is my maternal great-grandmother’s name. My last name is Isaacs, changed from Isaac. I wondered if there were any particular parts of Wales where the Isaac clan might be found. I’m guessing I’m descended from some Calvinist Methodists who changed their names to a biblical name. If you have any suggestions of where to look, I’d appreciate it.

    Sincerely, Susan Isaacs

  69. Melvyn Hirst says:

    In the Court Henry article it is mentioned that William and Ann Lloyd
    had seven children. Are the details of all these children known, not
    just Lewis and Jane. Thank you.

  70. Elissa Aldous-Hughes says:

    I am researching a man named David Davies and part of my research has led
    me to his brother, Evan Davies who I believe lived at Ducoedydd during
    the late 1800s. I have seen the wonderful photograph you have on your
    website of Evan and wondered if you have any other information about
    the family or could tell me where the photograph came from.

    It may not be relevant to your website but I know where Evan and his
    wife Mary are buried – if you would ever like a transcript/photograph
    of their gravestone please just let me know.

    Many thanks,

    • Mike Galvin says:

      Hi I have been researching the Rees Family and my grand fathers mother Mary Ellis Jones-rees Re-Married a David Davis in 1894 his Father was Evan Davis Wife Mary and lived in “Frongoch” Rhandirmyn 1881 Census the family came from Cayo/Caio.
      Mary Ellis was born in Grove Cottage R-m DD died about 4 yrs later their son Thomas in 1945 took over the Hop poles PH Hamersmith LDN with my Grandfather
      Thomas had a Daughter Anne

      • Jonathan Owen says:

        Hi Mike. I am also related to Mary Ellis Jones through her sister, Elizabeth who married the Rhandirmwyn school teacher, David Owen. These are my Great grandparents. I know that Mary Ellis Jones on 3rd March 1876 married William Rees who died in 1892 and that’s when she remarried a David Davies 1857-1911. He was a gamekeeper and worked in the lead mines. Their son, Tom kept in contact with my parents as they too were living in Hammersmith. I remember sitting in the hospital car park when they went to visit him shortly before he died. Sorry I have only just seen your post but hope you have successfully found out more about the Rees family. Jonathan Owen

  71. Greg Williams says:

    Is there any chance of buying the book Blaenau Tywi? I was shown it
    recently when I was in Rhandirmwyn again, and I am very interested in
    it. I have downloaded the file but it is not the same as having the
    book. Thankyou Greg.

  72. Stephanie Haberfield says:

    Hi – I was just looking up my ancestor – David Morgan – who I knew died in Cilycwm in 1797 (probate 1798).

    I’ve just looked up his burial in Cilycwm churchyard – and it states that even at this time, he was a Methodist Preacher and he was either “of” Holborn or died there.

    It would seem therefore that Holborn House had an association with Dissenters long before 1852.

  73. Eirwyn Jones says:

    My son was recently in contact with you and forwarded your emails etc
    to me. I found your website very interesting. It even brought me a
    letter with photos of the Cilycwm YFC in my time. I looked at the
    field names of Cochmaen. The second on the left after entering the gate
    was called Waunfroga, and the peak above the road to Moelfre we called
    Y Pygyn. The 11 acre field immediately below this road was ploughed with
    the Fergie and a 16 inch plow and brought up 6 long logs of bog oak
    which we sawed and stacked over summer but burned very badly! Thank
    you for a very interesting website. If I can help in any way don’t
    hesitate. ‘Eirwyn Cochmaen’

  74. Darren Williams says:

    Hello I’m trying to find information on William Williams who lived in Tynewydd Cottage, Cilycwm, born around 1858. I believe his brother was David Williams and daughters Sarah Ann Williams 1877-1941 and Margaret Lizzie Williams born around 1879. He was cited as a Husbandman on my Great Grandfather David Williams’ birth Certificate, David was born 1881. David had two wives in his lifetime, Ann Jones and Diana. Ann was listed as a dressmaker in the 1881 census but apparently died in 1891 in Pennsylvania USA, so it’s possible the emigrated.
    Any help or information would be much appreciated.
    Darren Williams

    • Margaret Pryor Williams says:

      Hello Darren,
      I too am looking for my Williams family in the Cilycwm, Llandovery area. My 3rd Great Grandparents, Thomas Williams and Margaret had 10 children: Phillip, Thomas, Howell, Robert, David, William, Margaret, Mary, Catherine, Nelly (Elinor?), Ann. My Great Grandmother stated that, with the exception of Phillip, Margaret & Mary, she and her siblings were born in the Llandovery area. So far, I have found Elinor in the 1851 Census, working as a servant in Llandovery, but born in Cilycwm in 1827. Could your David and Margaret Williams be a connection, do you think? My personal e-mail is Thank you!

  75. Tessa Kirk says:

    Hello, trying to find any information regarding birth/baptism of–
    Thomas Christopher Thomas
    Born abt 1843 in Cilycwm, Carmarthenshire, Wales

    I would like to find who is parents and or siblings were

    Many thanks

  76. Susan Price says:

    Hello, we have been researching our family history and believe one of our ancestors lived in Cilycwm. His name was David Edwards and was born in 1820. He was a sawyer and married to Hanna (born in 1814 in Llanfihangel). They had sons William and David in Llandovery (born 1843 and 1845) and were both pupil teachers. Anything else you could tell us would be great. We are hoping to visit the area shortly.


  77. Gillian Cecchini says:

    I am struggling to find more info on my ancestor. In the 1881 census he is living on a 120 acre farm called Bwlchcymanfa, Cilycwm. He was David Jones born about 1811. His wife is Ann, possibly nee Edwards.They married in 1835. Children born between 1837 and 1847. Evan, Rebecca, Edward(my gt-grandfather) Henry, Daniel and David. It’s possible David senior was born Caio or Llansawel? Might be the son of Evan Jones, Abercrymlyn, Llansawel?

  78. My daughter has recently been looking at our ancestry and it seems our family are from Cil-y-cwm. My wife and I live in Bridgend, which is not far to travel. The pictures of Cil-y-cwm are delightful. We would like to visit the village to investigate further the ancestry of the Theophilus family.
    Can you please advise where we could stay when we arrive?


    Stephen Theophilus

  79. amy theophilus says:

    I have been researching my family history and am pretty sure that a Dafydd and Anne Theophilus who lived in Cil-y-cwm around 1800 are my great, great, great, great grandparents. Any information that you have about them or any relatives to help me trace our roots back further would be greatly appreciated!

  80. dafydd says:

    shwd mae,
    i cannot find an Evan Williams from 1841 census in Cil-y-cwm. was he the person that lived in Bridge Street, Bedwellty? probably a mistake – Cilcwm in Cardiganshire??
    there was a large amount of Williams families in the area. if he was a miner, he would probably come from the Rhandir-mwyn part of the parish. lead mines were slowly closing down and the workers were moving to the industrial valleys.

  81. Wendy May says:

    I am researching my family history, in particular my great grandfather Evan Williams who was born in Cilycwm in 1827. he moved to Bedwellty where he married Sarah Medlicott in 1848..Any help regarding place and date of birth would be appreciated.

  82. Michael Galvin says:

    Having visited Rhandirmwyn a few years ago an oportunity has arisen that we are hoping to visit Carmarthenshire again in September to see if I can find out a bit more about my family tree, As I had very little to go on it was not till I got home to Southampton was I able to lay things out concentrating on Rhandir I later found that the “Rees” Family had connections with Cilycwm “New New Inn” and originaly coming from “Caio” so I am hoping that Plumsaint Gravestones can reveal a bit further back than 1780.
    I am confused that in the 1881 census the N.N.Inn was situated in siloh ? next to the New Inn which is still there but the N.N.Inn cannot be found there is another area I will be hoping to visit.

    • Regarding my earlier enquiry I believe that there may be a connection to the Rees family in Pumpsaint I have downloaded a list of Rees Members which were in the 1851 census and it seems to be in the 15 to 20 groups which going by the dwellings seem odd that at least 7 familys are not related by birth should be living in the same village, the majority of them named David & John and by their ages being near enough not to be related, of course several sons are named after their Fathers …baffled

  83. Heather says:

    apologies, above should read I found them on the 1851 census at Bedwellty. but it shows their birth places and dates

  84. Heather says:

    Hi Sara. Thank you.
    But I seem to have a different family. The family I have actually seemed to move to the Bedwellty and Rhymney area before 1841, as I have found them on a 1841 census in Gelligaer, Bedwellty. So they moved earlier than I thought. See Hannah’s birthplace below, that threw me off track. I had assumed they moved there after she was born, but child David was born before her at Gelligaer. ???
    1841 census in Gelligaer, Bedwellty –
    David Williams – Born 1810 Cilycwm, Carmarthen
    Residence IN 1851 Age: 41 AT Bedwellty, Monmouthshire – Head of household
    Spouse & Children
    Mary – born 1809 Cilycwm
    Daniel Williams – born 1835 Cilycwm
    Levi Williams – born 1837 Cilycwm
    David Williams – born 1841 Gelligaer
    Hannah Williams – born 1844 Cilcwm
    William Williams – born 1848 Bedwellty

  85. Sara Fox says:

    According to Ancestry Daniel Williams was born in June 1835. He appears as a carpenter in Merthyr Tydfil aged 36 in the 1871 census. His wife Elenor was 39 and they had two daughters Catherine (9) who was born in Cilycwm and Mary Anne (3).

    In the 1851 census there is a Daniel Williams from Cilycwm working as a farm labourer at Llanfairarybryn.

    I suggest if you want to find out more look at the record of births/baptisms for Cilycwm held in Carmarthen record office which might say where he was born and then you can come and visit Cilycwm!

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