War graves or memorials query.

If anyone knows of any graves or memorials I’m quite happy to go and photograph them. (Dick)

Please excuse me asking, but would anyone be willing to take photographs of any War Memorials or war graves in the Cilycwm area that I could use on my website please?
Anything used will be acknowledged as a matter of course.
Best Wishes,
Steve John.

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  1. Michael Galvin says:

    There is a plaque in the St Barnabas church to I think 1WW locals and also a memorial in the square at Llandovery, ..also I have found at St Barnabas the graves give the names of the homes the person lived in, and it is one of the best kept grave sites I have found as several other sites seem neglcted as with Ystafin up near the dam my 2nd cousin took me around to trace the family tree and we found a 1945 grave which being in a boggy area(a nature reserve) the graves were covered in moss and we had to clean it away to read the inscriptions ..but there is a lot of history in the area which it also keeps its rural heritige.
    I stayed at the Royal Oak (Rhandirmwym) 3 mls away and found the locals welcoming living in Southampton(UK)it made a welcome change FROM the bussel of Town life..

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