Defibrillator meeting at Rhandirmwyn

Defibrillator Update – 12th April 2013

At Tuesday’s Public Meeting people saw how easy to use and foolproof a modern defibrillator is, and learnt that the necessary training is undemanding and takes only 3 ½ hours. Everyone who attended was in favour of us having a defibrillator here in Rhandirmwyn.

The next steps are to ask for volunteers to undertake the training (which is free and will be held here in the village), and to secure the necessary funding.

Your support is needed to make a defibrillator viable. A minimum of 30 trained people geographically spread around the village, should be sufficient to help ensure that assistance would be reasonably close at hand in the event of an emergency, but more would clearly be beneficial.

If you believe that Rhandirmwyn should have a defibrillator and would like to volunteer for the free training, there are forms available at Pannau Stores, The Royal Oak and The Towy Bridge. It would really help if you could do this by Saturday 20th April.

The defibrillator will cost circa £1000, and a suitable cabinet to house it up to £500 depending on location. Half of this has already been pledged but more is needed. Please help by pledging a donation however small, or, even better, by offering to do some fundraising yourself. There are forms for this at Pannau Stores, The Royal Oak and The Towy Bridge too. N.B. The money will only be collected once sufficient people have been booked on the training, the essential first step.

If you have any questions relating to the above please talk direct to anyone you know who attended the defibrillator meeting, Emma Tanner, Kate Dignon, Sara Fox, Roger Slade, Peter Yardley, Tim Wade or Howard Bulcock, or alternatively email: ‘ ‘. You can also volunteer for training or pledge a donation by email as well.

Cymdeithas Gymunedol Rhandir-mwyn a’r Cylch / Rhandir-mwyn and District Community Association

Email: ‘

Please click on the following link for a list of upcoming events:


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