Cyfarfod Cyhoeddus….Public Meeting

A summary of the public meeting in Pumsaint Hall regarding Wind Turbines……Crynodeb o’r cyfarfod cyhoeddus ym Mhumsaint ynghylch Twrbeini Gwynt.

Well over 100 people attended the public meeting about the proposed wind farm at Bryn
Cadwgan on Thursday 7 December, 2023.
 Each turbine (25 proposed) would need 4000 tonnes of concrete – 260 lorry journeys
 They would be the largest on-shore turbines, at 230m, in the UK
 They would be transported from Swansea, around Llandeilo and up through Talley.
They would then turn right at Pumsaint and travel up through the Cothi Valley,
turning left at the Ffarmers turning in Cwrt y Cadno
 These types of proposals are funding by private financiers, delivered by a company
set up to be a delivery vehicle and, usually after three years when the project is
generating revenue, it will be sold
 Reps from the Pylon Group updated the meeting that an independent review is
being carried out by Welsh Gov to compare costs of under grounding cabling, rather
than using pylons. Results are expected in the new year. It is easier to link wind
farms to overhead pylons, rather than underground cabling.
 Adam Price, Plaid Cymru confirmed Plaid was in favour of decarbonisation and
smaller, community turbine schemes. (Bryn Cadwgan is classed as a large scheme
The meeting applauded the comment from the audience: “this is smashing the environment to save the environment”.
An audience member suggested that, if 20% of factories and industrial buildings in Wales
had solar panels on their roofs, it would provide electricity in excess of what is currently
used in Wales, thus ruling out any need for wind farms.
Sir David Lewis, chairing the meeting, asked for a show of hands on who would support this
(solar panel proposal) as a green energy generation alternative. It was unanimously
supported as a much better idea than the wind farm.
The meeting ended positively with people agreeing that it was not a done deal and a
campaign would be launched to defeat it.
Also in attendance to show their support to local people, were members of groups
campaigning against wind farms in Radnorshire and in Llanddewi Breifi.

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  1. Jane Evans says:

    Thanks for summarising – I couldn’t attend the meeting. We have to do whatever is humanly possible to stop further rape of our beautiful landscape.

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