Neuadd Pumsaint Hall drop-in regarding Wind Turbines…Cyfarfod ynghylch twrbeini gwynt ym Mhumpsaint

IMPORTANT…A chance to give your views Thursday, between 3 and 7 pm… 9/11/2023… PWYSIG…Cyfle i roi eich barn, dydd Iau rhwng 3 a 7 yp… Below is a comment that’s been received and sent to the company.

We have received the leaflet about your company’s proposals for an ‘Energy park’ to be known as Bryn Cadwgan. The scheme being put forward is a major infrastructure, which would have a massive impact on an untouched upland area, affecting not only the proposed site, but also the environs. 

We understand that Galileo Green Energy is headquartered in Zurich, and the company website reveals that the main investment backers are Australian or New Zealand corporations.  Therefore any real profit from this venture, is likely to be directed to Swiss and Antipodean funds, rather than the Welsh economy.  

However, your leaflet dangles the carrot of advantages to be gained nationally in terms of meeting government green

energy targets, and more locally in terms of optional community interests. In order for us to properly consider these alleged benefits, and to weigh them up against the very real despoliation of the landscape of rural Wales, would you please explain to us a number of things.

1. Is the proposed site all privately owned land, or is any of it Crown property or registered Common Land or Village Green?

2. What is the land currently used for? If forestry, how much woodland would have to be removed to accommodate your plans, bearing in mind the Welsh Government’s requirements for land owners to plant more trees?

3. Are Natural Resources Wales or any other government department party to or involved with the project, and have any grants or other incentives been offered by the local councils, Welsh or UK govts? 

4. The proposed height of the turbines on upland area, means they are likely to be visible for a great distance a) Is it requisite that they be such a size, and b) have there been consultations with MOD as much of this area is used for low level training flights?

5. Which country would be fabricating the turbines?

6. How do you propose transporting the huge masts and other heavy equipment to the site, as all access points are via narrow unclassified roads and lanes?

7.What are your proposals for recycling the turbines at the end of their short 20/25 year life, especially the blades?

8. On your website, it is stated that you have secured connection to the National grid. Where exactly is the access point, and is  connection proposed to be overland by pylon, or underground by cable, and what routes are you presently considering? Are you collaborating with other ‘Green energy’ suppliers on this aspect?

9. If solar panels and batteries are to be installed on the site, please answer questions 5,6,7 in respect of this part of the proposal.

10. What noise level is there likely to be from the 25 turbines, and what steps have been taken/ are proposed to minimise this and to protect those members of the community living nearest to the site? 

11. The site is close to a RSPB reserve. What research has been carried out on the effect on the local wildlife, including some of the rare and endangered species found in upland habitat? 

12. How many permanent jobs are likely to be available at the site, and would you prioritise and facillitate training for local applicants?

Our apologies for the number of questions, but as you will appreciate, this is a substantial matter, which would have a big impact and implications for future generations, so we should appreciate your full and frank answers. 

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