Parc Ynni Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park


If you wish to give feedback regarding this development, you have until Thursday 30/11/2023. Follow the link below……. Os yr hoffech rhoi adborth ynghylch y datblygiad hwn, bydd rhaid gwneud hyn cyn dydd Iau 30/11/2023. Dilynwch y cyswllt isod……

I weld map o’r safle, dilynwch y cyswllt isod……To see a map of the proposed site, follow the link below…..


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3 Responses to Parc Ynni Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park

  1. Jason says:

    yn Neuadd y Coroniad, Pumsaint ar nos Iau, 7fed o Ragfyr 7.30pm. I drafod datblygiadau tyrbeini gwynt yn yr ardal hon.

    at the Coronation Hall, Pumsaint on Thursday 7th December at 7.30pm. To discuss the development of wind turbines in this area.

  2. Jason says:

    The proposed Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park is one of several planned in the Cambrian Mountains that will utterly destroy one the most beautiful and remote natural landscapes in the world in the name of profit and profit only.

    The South Wales Guardian reported on November 8th that Galileo have said that ‘Bryn Cadwgan Energy Park offers an exciting opportunity to boost the economy of one of the most rural parts of Wales.’

    In truth it will cause utter devastation and is an act of pure environmental vandalism. The proposed park is in an area that relies on Farming, Forestry and tourism to survive.
    In order to get access to the site for the heavy equipment, never mind the 230m tall turbines, several hundred acres of forestry will need to be felled, several hundred acres of farmland taken over, kilometers and kilometers of ancient hedges will be grubbed up and hundreds and hundreds of ancient oaks and other majestic trees felled to widen and straighten the local lanes to accommodate the equipment. Where will the wildlife go?
    In order to get the power out a line of pylons will need to run right through the Tywi valley.
    Once erected the 230m tall turbines will kill birds and bats and cause huge negative visual and sound disruption for all of us living under them. What happened to the Senedd wanting to protect our spectacular scenery and soundscapes of singing birds and wild rivers?
    What do you think will happen to the businesses around here that rely on tourists wanting to experience the beauty, wildness, peace and tranquility of the area? Do you think these businesses will be boosted or bankrupted?
    The only boost to the economy is to the farmers and landowners, including the National Trust, who sold out for short term gain, and the company that owns the park. A foreign company who doesn’t pay any significant tax in the UK but are supported by grants from the Senedd that come straight out the pockets of those whose lives and livelihoods will be destroyed by this proposal.

    In the name of Journalistic balance, if nothing else I ask you to consider both sides of this issue.
    In the name of true journalism, I ask you to start digging and reporting on the real issue here, the rape of rural Wales (and Scotland as well actually) as this sort of development is no longer allowed in England! And all for foreign profit.

    Our paradise will be utterly destroyed.

  3. More Info says:

    If you are looking to fill in the consultation form on Bryn Cadwgan Wind Farm, these are
    some of the reasons that you could list as part of your objection to the scheme.
    The proposals conflict with both Welsh Gov and Carmarthenshire CC policy and planning guidance.
    It falls outside the Welsh Government’s Pre-Assessed areas that are set out in Future Wales – the national plan 2040.
    Mynydd Mallaen, Cothi Valley, Twyi Valley and Talley are all designated Special Landscape Areas. (CCC)
    The proposals conflict with the area’s built, historic, cultural and nature conservation and landscape qualities.
    It is close to and, in parts, surrounded by Special Protection Area (SPA), Special Area of
    Conservation (SAC) and National Nature Reserves (NNR) and Mallaen and Doethie SSSI.
    It compromises the Dark Sky Discovery Site Designation.
    It is an incomplete picture. Other planned windfarm developments and further applications for above ground pylon connection to national grid have not been declared.
    Infrastructure is inadequate and inappropriate. We need green energy, but it is futile if we destroy the special areas in the process.


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