Cyngor Cymuned Cilycwm Community Council

Cyfarfod…Meeting 5/3/2024
Clerc/Clerk: Mrs Joy Waters
Tel.No./Ffôn: 01269 594157

A meeting of Cilycwm Community Council will be held at Capel y Groes at 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 5 th March, 2024.
Cynhelir cyfarfod Cyngor Cymuned Cilycwm yn Capel y Groes am 7.30 y.h. ar Nos Fawrth,
5ed Mawrth, 2024
The Clerk to attend via Zoom until the May 2024 meeting. Members of the public may attend, please email at least 24 hours prior to the meeting for an invite ( )
Gall aelodau’r cyhoedd fynychu, anfonwch e-bost o leiaf 24 awr cyn y cyfarfod i gael
gwahoddiad. (
Yn gywir, Yours sincerely
Joy Waters


  1. Ymddiheriadau/Apologies a Datganiadau o fudd/Declarations of Interest
  2. Cofnodion/Minutes
  3. Materion yn codi o’r cofnodion/Matters arising from the minutes
    (i) Cilycwm Notice Boards
    (a) Play Area,
    (b) Cwm Rhaeadr.
    (c) Village Notice Board
    9 (l) River erosion – Wyrddol layby
    9 (j) Telephone kiosk (720312)
    9 (k) (a) Bute Energy
    (b) NantyrAst and Tŷ Llwyd
    (c) Wind Turbines – Bryn Cadwgan
    9 Definitive Footpath Map – Cilycwm
    9 (m) We Fibre – Neil Davies plus one will be attending our meeting
  4. Gohebiaeth/Correspondence:
    (a) D-Day Flag
    (b) CCC – LDP Sustainability appraisal and habitat
    (c) CCC PROW project – footpaths
    (d) CCC – BT consultation
    (e) National Forest grants
    (f) Free portrait of His Majesty
    (g) Road closure – C2156 Llandovery
    (h) Road closure – C2163 Rhandirmwyn
    (i) OVW – Cost of living consultation

(j) CCC updates
(k) Final Engagement Phase – Wales Air Ambulance
(l) OVW/Planning Aid Wales (Remote meeting)
(m) CCC – Polling Stations consultation
(n) West Wales Fire and Rescue – appliances
(o) CCC Forum meeting
(p) CCC Revised LDP plan
(q) Ysgol Rhys Pritchard – Governor vacancy
(r) Criminal Justice review system in Wales
Above sent by email
(a) CCC Business Renewable energy fund
(b) CCC Draft modernizing Education Programme
(c) Older People’s Commissioner – digital exclusion
(d) OVW – Buckingham Palace Garden Party
(e) OVE – Practice Development Officer

  1. Materion Ariannol/Financial Matters
    (i) Adroddiad Ariannol/Financial Report
    Financial report will be sent to everyone at the end of March.
    (ii) Cais am Arian/Request for financial support
    A list of all requests for financial support had been sent to everyone.
    Please add the following: Menter Bro Dinefwr, Adran y Llan
    (iii) Cadarnhad Taliadau/Confirmation of Payments
    Carmarthenshire County Council (lanterns to led) – £208.50
    Calon Hearts (defib pads Porthyrhyd) – £160.00
    (iv) Derbyniadau/Receipts
    (v) Biliau i’w Talu/Bills for payment
    T C G Salisbury (Notice Boards) – £1,985.00
  2. Materion Cymunedol/Community Matters
    Menter Cilycwm
  3. Materion Cynllunio/Planning Matters
    (a) Planning Appeal – Henllys, Llandovery
    (b) Carmarthenshire County Council – PL/07236 – Taking down existing house,
    Rebuild to similar – Maes y Meddygon, Rhandirmwyn, SA20 0PL
  4. Llwybrau Cyhoeddus & Priffyrdd/Public Footpaths and Highway Issues
    (a) Footpaths near Home Farm
    (b) Access to the footbridge over the river which flows down from Mynydd
    Mallaen – A request from PRoW for evidence of use.
    (c) Footpath 8/10
  5. Other matters
    9 (n) Closure of local Public House
  6. Date and venue of next meeting.
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